What I offer

To help you to Reconnect & Recharge I offer the following:

  • Coaching (10 weeks) – adjusted to your wishes, with weekly online calls, personalised homework and meditations to create the perfect atmosphere for you to truly change your life.
  • Energy Boost – subscribe for a weekly energetic alignment & energy boost.
  • Guided Meditation – you can find multiple free meditations, including a very powerful daily practice, on my YouTube channel, join my weekly meditation circle in Ibiza, or book a private meditation course with me.
  • Ibiza Retreat – 1 week in Ibiza to Reconnect & Recharge, personalised to suit all your wishes!
  • Raise Your Vibration – 12 week program with max. 5 participants to expand, grow and evolve together. Starting January 21st, 2021.
  • Reading/channeling – find out what’s in the cards for you with a 10 card spread.
  • Transformational Healing – a 1 hour in-depth Healing session, which can help to transform any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual complaints.

If you like to get to know me better, I often share experiences of my life in my blog and on Facebook and Instagram (@ankhanaibiza). And as I love cooking (and healthy food also helps you to Reconnect & Recharge!) I started sharing my favourite vegan recipes as well. You can also do my free 21 days of mindfulness program on YouTube.