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The 5 elements – WATER

I love the elements! There are so many ways to look at them and connect with them. Over the years I’ve been receiving information about the elements and how to work with them. I’m going to share this information with you in a series of messages on social media and blogs on my website. Starting with the basics: a description of each of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit.

Today the 2nd element: WATER.

WATER is after EARTH the most physical element, we can still easily touch it and feel it on our skin. It’s the element that is connected to our EMOTIONS. Water reminds us that our emotions need to flow. Stagnant water has a risk of becoming infested with bacteria, it needs to flow to stay clean and pure. The same goes for our emotions. WATER is healing, purifying, cleansing.

When you want to connect with the element of WATER, you can do that by going for a swim in the sea or a natural water, like a river or lake. Or consciously take a bath or shower at home. Or dance in the rain. Feel the water on your skin, fully connecting to the sensations.

You can mindfully drink a glass of pure, fresh water. Savouring every sip.

You can go and visit a natural spring, or maybe an ancient well and honour the water there.

You can connect to the element of WATER by being mindful of the water you use, by not wasting any water. By being grateful for every drop of water that you drink, wash yourself with or use in any way.

There’s all sorts and ways to connect with WATER! What’s your favourite way?