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The 5 elements – FIRE

I love the elements! There are so many ways to look at them and connect with them. Over the years I’ve been receiving information about the elements and how to work with them. I’m going to share this information with you in a series of messages on social media and blogs on my website. Starting with the basics: a description of each of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit.

Today the 3rd element: FIRE.

FIRE is 3rd in line (after WATER & EARTH) if you look at how physical the element is. You can touch fire (although wouldn’t recommend), but you cannot ‘hold’ it in your hands. It’s the element that is connected to our PASSION. Fire reminds us of our inner fire that needs to burn bright. As this helps us to burn away any fears or resistance and create new fertile ground where we can create from that which lights us up – our passion. FIRE is transforming, transmuting, activating. 

When you want to connect with the element of FIRE, you can do that by making a fire in your fireplace, or creating a bonfire outside. You can write down your fears on a piece of paper and throw it in the fire to be burned away. 

You can look into a candle flame while meditating and deeply connect with the properties of the fire. 

You can connect with the element of FIRE by allowing yourself to fully dive into your passion and express it wildly and vividly. By allowing your inner fire to light you up and shine through. 

You can connect with FIRE through the Sun, by feeling its warmth on your skin, taking in its light, receiving the enlightening, activating fiery energy!

There’s all sorts and ways to connect with FIRE! What’s your favourite way?