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I love myself

I love myself. I love myself enough to choose differently. To choose what is right for ME. To choose that which I know is part of my journey, part of my path. No matter if other people understand or not.

I choose to walk my own path. Without the need to explain, without the need to apologize.

I know that my path is different than yours, I know that my choices are different than yours. But it’s ok, they’re mine to take – not yours.

Let me walk my path, I let you walk yours. And where we meet, we can walk together. Where we differ, we can walk alone. I’m not afraid to walk alone.

This is my path, my journey, my route, my choice. And I love it! And I love myself for taking it. For daring to be different, for following my own way. For trusting my heart. No matter how different.

I love my journey and I love myself enough to keep on going my own way. As this brings me my greatest joy!

Thank you for walking besides me and for allowing me to take my own turns. I love you, and I love me.

Love will guide me, always ❤️
Ankhana, 7th April 2023