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The 5 elements – SPIRIT

I love the elements! There are so many ways to look at them and connect with them. Over the years I’ve been receiving information about the elements and how to work with them. I’m going to share this information with you in a series of messages on social media and blogs on my website. Starting with the basics: a description of each of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit.

Today the 5th element: SPIRIT.

SPIRIT is the last element of the 5 (after AIR, FIRE, WATER & EARTH) and is the one that’s least physical of all. SPIRIT is also known as ether or space* and is connected to our CONSCIOUSNESS / AWARENESS. It reminds us that everything is connected, that All is One, that there is only Oneness. SPIRIT is connecting, vibrating, all-encompassing.

When you want to connect with the element of SPIRIT, you can do that by meditating, becoming silent, becoming aware of ‘what is’. You can connect to SPIRIT by being fully present in the moment, to feel into the spaciousness of each single moment in time.

You can connect to SPIRIT through deeply connecting with other people, or even animals and nature. By eye gazing and feeling beyond the physical experience.

You can use prayer to connect with SPIRIT, sacred medicine (if you feel drawn to that), or chanting.

When you allow yourself to be fully in flow while writing, dancing or creating you’re also connecting deeply with SPIRIT.

There’s all sorts and ways to connect with SPIRIT! What’s your favourite way?

*It’s also known as Quintessence (literally “the fifth element” in Latin) or Akasha (in Sanskrit).