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The 5 elements – AIR

I love the elements! There are so many ways to look at them and connect with them. Over the years I’ve been receiving information about the elements and how to work with them. I’m going to share this information with you in a series of messages on social media and blogs on my website. Starting with the basics: a description of each of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit.

Today the 4th element: AIR.

AIR is the 4th in line (after FIRE, WATER & EARTH) if you look at how physical the element is.* You cannot grasp air or hold it in your hands, but you can see it when there’s a difference of temperature – like with your warm breath on a cold day. AIR is connected to your INTELLECT / THOUGHTS. Air reminds us that everything is always moving, changing, to not hold on to anything. ‘The only constant in life is change’. AIR is moving, changing, inspiring.

When you want to connect with the element of AIR, you can do that by consciously connecting to your breath. By simply noticing how the AIR goes in and out of your body, or by practicing different ways of breathing.

You can go outside on a windy day and feel the AIR touching your skin. Or move your body in such a way that you feel the movement of the air around you.

You can connect with AIR through smelling flowers, your favourite food or a lovely perfume.

You can sing, play with your words (or ‘spells’) or play instruments to connect with AIR.

There’s all sorts and ways to connect with AIR! What’s your favourite way?

*I discovered that some say that FIRE is less physical than AIR, but how I received it/experience it, is that FIRE is more physical in the sense that it needs something tangible (like wood, oil or gas) to burn and naturally you’ll feel more when ‘touching’ FIRE than when ‘touching’ (still) AIR.