Light Retreat Ibiza

Join me for 1/2-day or multiple days to connect back to your inner Light! Whatever it is you’re looking for, I love to create a program for you that suits all of your wishes. No matter if you only want to spend a 1/2-day together, or wish to have a week (or more!) full of nurturing activities. I’ll come up with a program that will help you to Light up your Life so you can truly feel excited, joyful and happy again!

Book a call with me & we can discuss all different options.

“That was a real re-treat! Truly recovered. On a beautiful, quiet place in Ibiza, meditations in the morning and experiencing the energy of different special places on the island. The planning was always adjusted in consultation to our wishes and needs. As a result, we had a very appropriate, personal program these days, which has enriched me enormously.”

Program multiple day retreat*
We start with a lunch or dinner meeting to connect with each other and to find out what it is you need to Light up your Life. Together we create a program that suits all your wishes and needs (if not yet created).
In the next days we spend several half-days together, where I coach and guide you. You receive readings and healing, we meditate together and go on beautiful walks. We visit powerful and special places on the island and take in the magic of Ibiza.
In the evaluation meeting on the last day we make sure that you have everything you need to go home experiencing yourself in a whole new Light, with the right tools for you to maintain this state of being when you’re back home.

“Dear Ankhana, Thank you for our wonderful time with you, your hospitality, delicious food, knowledge of meditations and channeling and much more. It was really special! Very special. ❤”

Tailor made
Your multiple day retreat* always includes:
💫 lunch or dinner meeting on day 1,
followed by several half-days with:
💫 coaching and guidance
💫 readings
💫 healing
💫 meditations
💫 personal channeled messages
💫 beautiful walks to special places
💫 sunrise or sunset experience
💫 Cacao Ceremony (if you want)
💫 island exploring
💫 tasty food,
and of course:
💫 evaluation meeting on last day
💫 my love, attention & care for you!

“The program was very diverse; Meditations, massages, healings, beautiful walks, channelling, sun, sea, beach, delicious breakfasts, good conversations and fun. In short, we had a great week! If you want to gain inspiration, a retreat with Ankhana is definitely recommended.”

Depending on your wishes:
💫 I help you with your stay, or you arrange something yourself.
💫 We can share some meals together.
💫 You can learn how to channel (communicate with your Guides / Higher Self / Spirit Team).
💫 You do the retreat by yourself, or together with your partner, best friend(s), family or colleague(s).
💫 You can add extra’s like massages, (private) yoga classes, reflexology, stand up paddling, tarot readings and more!

The price for your fully personalized 1-on-1 retreat is depending on your wishes & needs. But to give you an idea: a retreat that includes a lunch or dinner meeting on the 1st day, followed by 3 half-days together with everything that’s mentioned above and a closing evaluation on the last day is possible from €1.111. 

*Are you looking for just a 1/2-day or full-day retreat while you’re in Ibiza? Book your 30 minute exploration call to discuss the options! Prices starting from €355 for a 1/2-day retreat.

“Just returned from a fantastic retreat with Ankhana in Ibiza! A week with relaxation, sun, meditation, massage and healing. Ankhana’s attention, the delicious breakfasts and the location itself also contributed to this! I wish this to everyone! Thank you Ankhana!”

Schedule a free 30 minute Exploration Call to see if we’re a good match and to create the perfect Light Retreat to suit all your wishes!