Raise Your Vibration

I’m very excited about my upcoming 12 week program Raise Your Vibration starting on January 21st! It’s a journey of expansion, of learning, of growth. Not to get somehwere, but for the experience in itself!

The program includes 12 evenings with channeled teachings from about 2 – 2,5 hours. We’ll be meeting online in a small group (max. 5 participants), so there’s time to share as well. Each week has its own subject where we’ll tune into, receive guidance about and we’ll be activated to our full potential in this subject. Through the 12 weeks we’ll be awakening, expanding and growing all together!

The 12 subjects are:
– Compassion
– Self Love
– Self Awareness
– Joy
– Health
– Abundance
– Seeing
– Hearing
– Sensing
– Acceptance
– Unconditional Love
– Unity Consciousness

Next to the 12 classes, you’ll receive 6 1-on-1 sessions with me (worth €111 per session), where we can go deeper into your own personal journey.

This journey to ‘Raise Your Vibration’ and come back home to yourself and your full expression is now only €888 if you pay in full, or you can pay 3 times €333. If you first like to get a feel of the class, you can book a TRY OUT for €55 and join the first evening. After that you can decide to continue or not. If decide you continue you pay €855 for the rest of the program.

As the total value of the program is much higher, this is a 1 time opportunity to get the course for this (very low) price.

As there’s only space for 5 people to join, make sure to reserve your spot soon!

If you want to hear more and feel if this program is for you, you can book a FREE Discovery Call with me.

Watch this video to find out why you should join!