Multi-Dimensional Healing

Receive a 1,5 hour Multi-Dimensional Healing to be fully activated, connected and in your power on your physical, emotional, mental & energetical level!

Every Multi-Dimensional Healing session is unique, completely adjusted to your needs and wishes in the moment. What’s described below are the different techniques that can be used in a session, but please come with an open mind and discover what your personal session will hold for you in the moment.

We start our session with a short conversation about what made you decide to book a Healing for yourself and if you’re experiencing any issues on a physical, emotional, mental, energetical and/or spiritual level. We get clear on what we’ll be working on in your session and then I open the Healing space. From there a combination of some of the following will be used:

✨giving energy / charging one or more chakras (= energy centers)
✨balancing & reconnecting one or more chakras
✨assisting with grounding & embodying the physical
✨chakra alignment
✨chakra activation
✨removal imprints, blockages, past life memories / contracts
✨old energy release
✨energy upgrade
✨Chamber of Light
✨channeled insights & guidance.

You receive the session sitting up, although sometimes you might be asked to lay down for (part of) the session. I’ll guide you through the whole session and explain what I’m doing and why. If suited, you’ll be asked to share your experiences and insights during the session as well. At the end of the session we have a short evaluation and if needed, you’ll receive some homework to further integrate the session after going home.

A 1,5 hour session costs €155. The session can be done online (book here) or in person (book here for a session in the Netherlands in January). If you like to book an in person session in Ibiza, please message me at +346 4778 4161 to discuss availability.