Transformational Healing

Like everything I do, my Healings assists to Reconnect & Recharge. A Transformational Healing helps you to reconnect with your body and your feelings, and it gives you new energy. So that you return to your most optimal state, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..

A Transformational Healing can help with:

  • physical complaints: such as (inexplicable) discomfort, tension or pain in your body, feeling lethargic, fatigue,
  • mental complaints: such as stress, overworked, burnout, chaos in your head, always “on”, unable to find peace,
  • emotional complaints: such as hypersensitivity, feeling down, being anxious, or being unable to reach your feelings,
  • spiritual complaints: such as energetic blockages, feeling ‘disconnected’, lack of energy and/or passion.

During a Transformational Healing I work with your energy field, your chakras (energy centers) and the information I receive about this in images, feelings or words. Since I work with energy, it doesn’t matter whether we are physically in the same room or not. A remote session (with an online connection) works just as well as a physical session!

A session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs € 111.

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