Transformational Healing

A Transformational Healing is a very powerful, fully channelled Healing that assists you to transform any issues on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Together we tune into the core of the issue(s), after which I let the Healing come through in whatever way is best for you. Where needed, you’ll receive clear insights in the cause of the issue, although sometimes removing the blockages without the knowing the ‘story’ behind it can be more beneficial to you. In 1,5 hours a lot can be moved, shifted and transformed, so you go home feeling released, relaxed, reconnected & recharged!

A Transformational Healing can help with:

  • physical complaints: such as (inexplicable) discomfort, tension or pain in your body, feeling lethargic, fatigue,
  • mental complaints: such as stress, overworked, burnout, chaos in your head, always “on”, unable to find peace,
  • emotional complaints: such as hypersensitivity, feeling down, being anxious, or being unable to connect with your emotions,
  • spiritual complaints: such as energetic blockages, feeling ‘disconnected’, lack of energy and/or passion.

What you can expect
We start with a short introduction talk, in which you can share why you’ve chosen to have a Transformational Healing experience. After that I guide you through a meditation, to have us both fully tuned in and from this space I ask you a few more questions. We set a clear intention for the Healing together and then I will ask you to settle in for the Healing (this can be seated or laying down, depending on what shows up in the moment).
The Healing itself is fully channelled and is different each time. I allow myself to be guided to place my hands up and around your body, using channelled sounds and messages. Most times the Healing is a combination of removing blockages, activating specific chakras, realigning chakras and/or giving energy, while sharing any important information that wants to come through. Sometimes there’s one or several channelled message(s), other times the Healing is done in silence the whole way through – all depending on what is for your Highest Good.
At the end of the Healing I assist you to fully come back into your body and we finish with a short evaluation.

A Transformational Healing takes about 1,5 hours and costs €111. The session can be done in person in Ibiza (or in The Netherlands when I visit) or online/over distance. The effects are the same.

Contact me through WhatsApp/Telegram at +346 4778 4161 to schedule your session.