Transformational Healing

It is time to fully reconnect to your heart.
It is time to step back into your power.
It is time to embrace life once more and
to start living out of joy, out of love and out of being of service.

It is time for change!

When you are ready for change, for reconnecting to your purpose and to move forward on your path of service, Ankhana’s healing will take you there. It will help you to let go of all that is no longer needed and to step into a place of trust, courage and confidence.

You are ready, this is just to help you accelerate, to help you recalibrate, to help you be YOU! So let yourself be guided into this healing and receive all that you need right now, in this moment, to be able to step into complete freedom of who you truly are.

For your highest good and the highest good of all. And so it is!

– Channeled message from my Guides to you!

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