30 days of Gratitude

Gratitude can make a BIG difference in your life! After my own wonderful experiences with a daily gratitude practice, I’d now love to share this with you. So you can experience the magic of gratitude in your life too!

7 reasons why you should join us:

1. By practising gratitude on a daily basis you will feel better and better each day! You’ll feel your heart expand and look at the world as if you can only see the good in it. What a beautiful experience is that!!

2. By practising gratitude every day you’ll start to notice differences in your relationships. You’ll see more of the good in others and by focusing on that, your relations will change for the better, without having to ‘work’ on it!

One of the participants from the last 30 days shared that through the exercises he had healed the troubled relationship with his mother that lasted for years already. He could finally let go off the blame and shame and he could really feel love and gratitude for her again – something he never expected!

3. By focussing on the good in your life and connecting with that feeling of gratitude, you’ll have more energy. Worrying costs us not just our happiness, but also lots of energy. By shifting your focus on the good, you’ll have less time to worry, so you’ll have more energy left and feel more alive and vibrant! 

4. As shared by many great minds of these times (Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bob Proctor, Abraham-Hicks and many more): adapting an attitude of gratitude is the fastest and easiest way to attract more to be grateful for into your life! It’s the Law of Attraction and trust me – it works!! No matter which area you feel you need a shift, using a consistent practice of gratitude will support it.

5. Do you remember that feeling from when you were young…? That everything was possible? That whatever you wanted to be, you could be? Whatever you wanted to have, you could have? By experiencing the results of your practice in your daily life you’ll get that magical feeling back that you can create your own reality!

6. The daily emails with inspiring exercises will assist you in a continuous and consistant flow of practising gratitude, for the best results ever! Where doing this for yourself it might be difficult to keep up the practice, the daily emails work as a reminder and will keep you going for at least 30 days! (Most people don’t even want to stop afterwards)

7. You don’t have to do it on your own. The support of the others in the closed Facebookgroup can help you to get through your difficult days, you can get inspired by them and it’s the perfect place to share your ‘wins’! Nothing is more exciting than to share with other people – who truly understand what you’re doing – the effect of gratitude in your life. And reading their wonderful experiences, will uplift you as well. Win-win-winnnnn!!

And the best thing? It only costs you €1 per day!

  • Receive an email every day for 30 days.
  • Each email contains an inspiring exercise to practice gratitude.
  • You can share your exercises in a closed Facebook group with other participants to support and inspire each other.
  • Experience the enchanting effects of gratitude in your life.
  • Only €30 for 30 days!

We start on Monday 1st of March 2021.

Click on “Add to cart” below followed by “View cart” to join. After your payment you receive the first email with the preparations and soon you can start with attracting more magic into your life!