On 22nd September 2020 it’s autumnal equinox (also called fall equinox) in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere it’s vernal/spring equinox.

The word “equinox” comes from Latin, where it means “equal night”. On the equinox day and night are equally long. It’s a moment to celebrate!

There are 4 points in time that we celebrate if we follow the movement of the sun: 2 solstices (1 for summer, 1 for winter) and 2 equinoxes (1 for spring, 1 for autumn). Depending on if you live in the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere you will be celebrating one or the other. When we celebrate our summer solstice in the north, the south will celebrate their winter solstice! Just like we will be celebrating our autumnal equinox now, while they will be celebrating their vernal equinox.

The autumnal equinox is the official start of autumn. From here the nights will start getting longer than the days, until winter solstice, where we have the shortest day and longest night. From the winter solstice days will slowly start to get longer again, until the spring equinox, the official start of spring. From here the days will get longer than the nights, up until the summer solstice. From the summer solstice on days will start to get shorter again and nights will get longer, until they’re equally long again with the autumnal equinox!

Since I live in Ibiza I’ve joined and hosted quite a few equinox and solstice ceremonies. Over the years I’ve learned  and understood more and more about the importance of (re)connecting to the recurring cycles in nature. It’s something that we’ve mostly forgotten in our Western society, but that played a big part in the lifes of our anchestors and still does with a lot of native tribes around the world.

Being connected to nature and its natural occuring cycles can help you to be more connected to yourself and your body as well. Although a lot of us aren’t aware of it anymore, we are affected by the cycles of nature that happen around us. On a small scale, we sleep when it’s night and are awake by day (the 24 hour cycle). On a larger scale we are also affected by the cycles of the seasons. Now we’re going into the shorter days and longer nights, it’s time to turn more and more inwards. As a tree let’s go of it’s leaves in autumn and animals prepare for hibernation, for us humans it’s time to rest, to retreat, to recharge as well.

If you feel like connecting to this autumnal equinox together with a group, on Tuesday 22nd September 19.00h I’m hosting an equinox meditation in Cala Pada (Ibiza) to connect to this special moment in time. Send me a WhatsApp (+316 3912 5227) if you want to join!

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Source of image: www.glyphweb.com