Channelling Course

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If you feel you’re ready to open up to directly communicate with your Higher Self, Guides & Spirit Team, this is for you! You can now choose to join me in person, or take this course from the comfort of your own home (online).

“I did the channelings course of Ankhana in 2020 and it gave me so many insights. During the training I experienced many memories of past lives and clearance on a deep level. After the training I used the channeling skills especially for myself but I am also integrating it in my programs and I use it in my business to personalize meditations through opening up to specific information.
And because I’ve learned to open up my channel I can also connect to my authentic voice more easily.
Super grateful for this journey”

The benefits for you
💫 You learn how to safely connect to your guides and receive their messages, both in writing as through speaking.
💫 You will discover your own personal way of channelling and how to enhance it.
💫 You learn how to know and feel the difference between channelling and what’s coming from your mind.
💫 You will open up to new ways of understanding yourself and the world around you.
💫 You practice and learn with a variety of exercises.
💫 You’ll always have a place to go with your important (life) questions!

“I really enjoyed the way how the channeling course was. Especially the guidance to understand the procces of how channeling excually works. Ankhana explained everything in a very understandable and grounded way. Just easy and logical to understand. Love that.
My further experience was very pleasant, Ankhana creates a very safe space to investigate and learning, practising the techniques taught in the course.
I now use the procces of channeling to aligned, be grounded, balanced within myself.
A tool to gain knowledge about inner procces, direction and wisdom.”

Course content
✨ A clear explanation of what channelling is.
✨ The steps needed to channel in a safe & easy way.
✨ Practical information from my own experience with channelling.
✨ In-depth information gained from over 5 years of teaching this course.
✨ Multiple exercises for writing & speaking.
✨ Useful tips on how to distinguish between mind & channel.
✨ Guided journey for relaxation & integration.
✨ Special Chamber of Light healing journey to help with clearing and opening the throath chakra.
✨ Channelled messages for extra support!

“I just feel so much gratitude. So good that I’ve been here. I’m super grateful for the whole journey we’ve been on together. That’s how I feel. It’s truly crazy what we’ve experienced on our journey when I think about it. It’s a life in itself!”

💫 In person: Join me live in Ibiza or The Netherlands to learn this beautiful practice in a safe and inspiring group setting. We will have 5 sessions over the course of the weekend (see dates & times below) in which I’ll teach and share, we practice and learn! Investment: €399 – including all teachings, guidance, healing, tea/water & healthy snacks.
💫 Online – with 1-on-1 support: Learn from the comfort of your home, with my personal guidance and support! Get the online course + 2x 1-hour sessions with me. In those sessions we will look at the channellings you’ve received so far, I will give you tips & advice and we will practice together with channelling for each other. SPECIAL OFFER: now €333 – including all teachings, guided journey, Chamber of Light and 2 hours of my personal support.
💫 Online – by yourself: Receive over 15 consciously created videos to learn how to connect with your Guides, Higher Self and Spirit Team. SPECIAL OFFER: now €111 – including all teachings, guided journey & Chamber of Light.
(All prices include 20% VAT)

You can do this course, no matter the level you’re currently at. With no experience at all, or even if you have done a course like this before. It will help you to open up to your Guidance, or to deepen your practice.

Dates & times
Next course: June 7th – 9th, Breda, Netherlands:
✨ Friday June 7th: 19.00 – 21.30h
✨ Saturday June 8th: 10.00 – 12.30h & 15.00 – 17.00h
✨ Sunday June 9th: 10.00 – 12.30h & 15.00 – 17.00h
Limited spaces. Message me at +346 4778 4161 to book your spot!

“Ankhana understands the art of taking you beyond the veils of our conscious self, so that you are able to make the connection with the great wisdom that lies behind it.
I have discovered that by tuning in to my guides, I can let flow that what is needed to restore the balance, come in alignment and receiving answers.
I recommend it to everyone. It has given me an extra dimension in life. I feel supported and guided.”

Online course & personal support
I want the full 15-video course including 1-on-1 support & guidance by Ankhana!

“I’m so grateful to have been part of the channeling class of Ankhana.
She holds the space with so much love and caring. She helped me personally to release some tension in the body so I can open my channel more.
Thank you so much for supporting this process.”

Online course – without support
I only want the course videos, I’ll practice by myself.