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Out of my comfort zone

Really going out of my comfort zone here… Far out!

Recently my Guides started to tell me that I needed to start sharing my channelings in a video (with me visible in it while channeling), which I didn’t want to do. So I didn’t act upon it.

Showing myself while channeling is still something that makes me feel uncomfortable, even when I channel after a Healing or in my weekly meditation circle. So to show it to “the whole world” is something that really scares me!

“What if people think I’m crazy? What if people will make fun of me? What if…?” – I could think of a million reasons why not to do it! But my Guides told me even though there will most certainly be people that don’t understand and that they might make fun of me, there will me much more people who will benefit from it. That this is my gift to the world and that I had to start sharing it NOW, especially now…

So here it goes, me going way out of my comfort zone, sharing a channeled message in a video recording. The first one of many – according to my Guides – so I better get used to it. And if I can be of service in this way, I am happy to do it.

This one is especially to assist you with integrating the New Earth energies. You can find it here (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel when you’re there!).


“I’ll never be vegan” (yet I am)

If you asked me a few years back what I thought about being or becoming vegan, I probably would have laughed. I couldn’t live without my meat, fish, eggs and mostly: cheese! But by now I’m eating (mostly) vegan for almost 3 years already. Why? Because I became aware…

A few years back I got an invite to a ‘vegan festival’ here on the island. I told the girl who invited me that I was considering eating a bit less meat and fish. She told me it was really important to not eat it at all. To be honest, my first reaction was “Yeah… I know you vegans always trying to convince everyone.”. But then she said something that made me think. She said: “If you’re not vegan, it’s because you’re unaware, or you just don’t care.”. I didn’t want to belong to any of those groups, so I thought it might be a good idea to at least make myself aware.

She suggested that I’d watch ‘Earthlings’. I didn’t feel much for it at first, because I didn’t want anything to spoil my good appetite for yummy spareribs, bacon, shrimps, eggs and again: cheese. But then I realised that if a documentary could ruin my appetite, then maybe there was some truth in it that I was unaware of? Why didn’t I want myself to be aware?

I didn’t immediately watch the documentary, but her comment was still in my thoughts. At that moment I was mostly thinking about how to live without cheese, as my aunt had just came to visit me and she brought me a big piece of some of the best Dutch farmers cheese I had in a long time. And then it happened that while I was driving, I decided to stop at a supermarket where I had never been before. In that particular supermarket there was a whole range of vegan cheeses! I had to laugh… I took it as a sign and bought a variety of vegan cheeses and prepared myself to watch the documentary, from which I sensed it wouldn’t be a pleasant watch.

It turned out that ‘Earthlings’ is an amazing documentary, which is not just showing a lot of horrific images of animals getting slaughtered, but there’s an important theory in it. It states that after racism and sexism – in which it is believed we can do anything we want to another race or sexe because we think we are superior to them – now we’re practising “specicism”. Which means that because we think we are superior to animals, we can use them to our own benefit: for entertainment, for science, for clothing, for breading them as pets and for food. It continues to show how animals do have emotions, family bonds and experience pain. Maybe in a different way than us humans, but it’s undeniable.

I’ve been crying during almost the whole documentary. Of course I knew that for the meat/fish I ate animals were killed, but I never gave it any thought. It was completely normal to me, as to most people, as this is how we’re being raised. But now I fully realised, fully became aware of it, I lost all appetite to eat any meat/fish or even cheese again! Who was I to decide an animal should have a shitty life, being taken away from their family and being killed, just for my pleasure of eating it?

Regarding cheese: did you know that for a cow to give milk, it needs to be pregnant first? I didn’t, or never really thought about it. As a kid we learn “a cow gives milk”, but it only does after being pregnant! Just like any other mammal. And the milk is meant for her baby. But as the milk industry wants to get as much milk as possible to sell or to make it into cheese, they take away her baby as soon as possible. Also they milk the cow over and over and over again, to keep the milk going. Where a cow would give 2500 liter of milk per year in 1910, now a milkcow gives up to 12.000 liter per year! (source: Wikipedia) Cows are being used as a milk factory, to the point they can’t even stand on their legs anymore. Goodbye appetite for cheese! I couldn’t even finish the Dutch farmers cheese I still had… I decided to give it away to someone who’d happily eat it, as throwing it in the trash felt even worse.

So after watching ‘Earthlings’ I gave up eating all animal products! And I never even missed it…

Almost 3 years later, I’ve only ate meat once again: my first time flying long distance and having forgotten to specify my dietary wishes. So there was only a choice between chicken or fish. I choose the chicken meal, but it didn’t taste good. Sometimes, when eating out or eating with friends, I still eat something that contains milk, butter, eggs or cheese, mostly out of convenience, or simply not having another option. But when I can, I choose a good vegan alternative.

It turns out that there’s a lot to explore in the vegan cuisine! Food doesn’t need to become boring, tasteless or difficult. It just needs a little adjustment and some creativity. There’s a lot of amazing vegan recipes out there on the internet and I haven’t lost my joy for cooking nor eating! As both cooking and eating good food are still part of my passions, I love to start sharing some of my favourite recipes with you here on my website.

PS: I’m not trying to convince anyone into becoming vegan, as I know for most people (just like for me until a few years back) it will only have the opposite effect. But if you’re ready to become aware: watch ‘Earthlings’ (you can find it on YouTube with subtitles in any language of your choice) and be prepared to change your opinion on eating anything that comes from an animal. And even if you don’t, make sure to try the recipes I share, as they’re just too good not to!

This is me

This is me, in the kitchen of my best friend on the day of her wedding. Helping with serving coffee, tea and ‘Brabantse worstenbroodjes’ (a Dutch savory treat). It really pictures me the way I am, in my role of being of service.

All of the jobs I had, I’ve always been of service to other people. I’ve worked as a waitress for over 17 years and I just loved taking care of people, making sure they had a good time out. I’ve worked in childcare, where the role of service was more nurturing and playful, but I loved it just as much. I’ve done voluntary work in Ghana, also truly wonderful to do. I’ve had my own backoffice business, where I supported others in their jobs. Again something that came from my heart, although working in an office is not really my thing. I’ve worked as a hostess on many events, have worked as a receptionist, as a facility manager and I’ve assisted at retreats. And everything felt really good, as I could help others, as I could be of service.

I’ve got my Bachelor of Social Work, from my study Creative Therapy. A beautiful profession to help people who have a hard time talking about their problems, to express it in a different way: through art, music or drama. I loved the 4 years of studying, all internships I did and learned so much! But I knew I wouldn’t work as a Creative Therapist, the focus was too much on ‘problems’ for me (even though my teachers told me that they needed more people like me to focus on the possibilities in the work field).

When I received my first Reiki session, I immediately knew that this was something that I wanted to give to others as well. This feeling of coming ‘home’, of deep love, of being fully connected to my heart was so special! This is something that everyone should experience. And so I learned to give Reiki and started my own practice, next to my other job.

Now, quite a few years later, everything seems to come together again. Only now I work for myself in my own practice, which gives me the freedom I enjoy so much and where I can be completely in service to others, in the ways I love most! I still give Healings, but they are quite different than the Reiki I started with. And now I also offer coaching, help people through online meditations and videos (including a free 21 days of mindfulness program) and the best of all: I offer personalised, private retreats. These retreats are special to me, as I can take care of people in so many ways during these days! I cook for them, they stay with me at my place, I coach them, give Healings and offer guidance. Together we explore the island and I get to share my love for Ibiza. It really makes my heart sing to be of service in this way!

Want to find out more? Check out my Reconnect & Recharge retreats!

Photo by Joyce Boutkan Fotografie

Distant Healing

I take all my things with me and look for a good place to sit. We’re living on a mountain now and there’s many beautiful spots where I can sit down. As it’s still early in the morning and it’s not so hot today, I choose a lovely spot in the sunshine. I lay down my yoga mat, place a stool in front of me for my iPad and sit down to tune in. I start with a short meditation to ground and centre myself and to connect with my Guides & Angels. Now I am ready to start working.

I call my client through Skype and explain to her how a distant Healing session works: it’s almost the same as in person, with the only difference I can’t touch her physically. But we both still close our eyes and I do exactly the same as I would do when I am physically with my client. We switch off our cameras and continue with just the audio connection. I help my client to ground herself and then ask what she wants to put into our Healing session today. I make sure that we get to the core of the issue she wants to heal and clearly state what we’ll be working on, so my client can feel if it’s correct and if anything needs adjusting.

Once we have specified the theme of the session today, I tell my client to relax and to open herself for the Healing that’s coming. I open the Healing part of the session by calling in our Guides & Angels and start the session. During the session everything just flows. There’s nothing I need to think about, as I’m guided all the way through. I get sensations in my body, images in my minds eye and messages from my Guides that help me to give this Healing to my client. My hands move, I channel sounds and I feel the energy flowing between us – even though we’re miles apart.

In the session there’s chakra balancing, help with extra grounding, a Chamber of Light for an energy upgrade, assistance with the integration of this new, higher frequency and the session ends with a beautiful channelled message from the Angels. When the Healing is finished, I ask my client to switch on her camera again, so I can see and hear how she feels.

She feels wonderful, touched and quiet. She doesn’t want to put her feelings into words at this moment, as she feels it wouldn’t do justice to what she’s experiencing. I understand, it happens a lot after a session. I advice her to stay in that lovely Healing bubble for as long as she wants, she promises to get back to me later that day. We end our Skype connection and I feel happy, grateful, blessed, energised. This is my work! Sitting on a mountain with a spectacular view, in the sunshine, sharing this energy and messages from above with people who need it… It doesn’t get much better than this!!

PS: you can also experience a distant Healing, or even learn how to give them – in June I’m in Holland teaching! Have a look at or contact me through WhatsApp: +316 3912 5227.

Egypt update

“Do we have free will, or is everything predestined?” – Something I had an interesting conversation about this morning…

I feel that some things in life are predestined, but through our own free will we can sometimes choose to take a different route. Depending on our decisions we will end up at one set point or another. So there’s a (very wide) range of possibilities from the moment we are born until the day we leave this life.

A few months ago Egypt was calling very, very strongly. I received guidance about organising a spiritual journey through Egypt, but I felt it wasn’t complete yet. Then I met a beautiful man and fell in love, the guidance changed: we should take a group together. Which explained to me why it didn’t feel complete earlier.

Now a few weeks later, I sat down to channel again, and the guidance changed again. By the choices we’ve made, we changed our route, we changed our path. For now settling down on Ibiza is what’s needed, Egypt might happen in the future, but for now we’ll let it go. We’ll spread our light from a magical place on the island!

I trust in the path unfolding, I open myself to be a clear vessel, an open channel for Divine Love & Light. I trust that whatever happens is for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. I’m grateful for all the amazing opportunities that are coming my/our way and I know for sure there’s a LOT more to come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The truth, and nothing but the truth

“You are not normal, really you aren’t”, said someone to me this week. It made me laugh. Earlier that week that same person pointed out to me that I have “an extreme conviction for the truth”, I’m not sure if it was meant in that way, but I took it as a compliment. Because for me telling the truth is the best thing you can do, why would you lie?!

It might be because of my upbringing that I feel this way, the most important ‘rule’ my parents had, was being honest – no matter what. Where I struggled with that when I was young, I learned through the years that if I was honest, my parents would always respond in a reasonable way. They didn’t get angry, they would be happy that I told the truth and explain to me – in all honesty – why it would make them upset or why they would react in a certain way. We could talk about what happened without any blame or without feeling unsafe. Telling the truth was ‘the easy way out’.

Through this, I learned to always be honest and in the past years I’ve learned that that doesn’t mean to always speak your mind. That there’s a difference in sharing open and honestly what’s on your mind without being asked – or when you are indeed asked for your opinion. I’ve learned to not always speak my mind immediately, as some people don’t appreciate that, and that’s fine. But if I get asked, I speak my mind, without trying to dampen it down.

Of course I never want to hurt anyone with what I say, but for me telling/hearing the truth is ALWAYS better than telling/being told a lie. And today I saw this quote: “Anything you lose from being honest, you never really had to begin with, my love.” and that just resonated so much! That’s exactly how I feel. If I have to lie to you to keep you in my life as a friend, then our friendship isn’t worth much…

The beauty is: if people are always honest, you know you can trust them no matter what. Maybe sometimes it’s difficult to hear what they have to say, but you know it’s the truth. You don’t need to worry if they maybe mean something else, you know what they say is exactly what they mean. It makes life so much easier! And it gives you many special occasions to learn from. If two people really speak their mind to each other, they can help each other grow, by openly and honestly sharing their thoughts, emotions, automatic reactions, old stuff that comes up. Being there in all honesty, without any judgement, holding space for each other, is in my opinion the most beautiful gift you can give to one another!

Spiritual path vs normal society

Yesterday I wrote that I’m scared sometimes, scared of not being successful and scared to fail. There’s a lot that I’m scared of, wonder about, or doubt. Sometimes I even doubt if this “spiritual path” is right for me, but I also feel I can’t go back to “normal society”.

At times when I don’t feel well, I wish I could go back to “normal society”: back to a regular job, a regular income, knowing that you have enough money to pay your rent, your groceries and to go out in the weekends and to knowing what the coming week holds for you. Back to a safe, secure environment, where things flow in a gentle, continuous pace, without any big surprises or ups and downs. Working on weekdays, relaxing and enjoying yourself in the weekends. It seems so simple. Yet I know that this is not what makes me happy.

Being on this “spiritual path” has been an intense journey. Working through lots of layers and layers uncovering my true self. Going back to my feelings and emotions after years of tuning or numbing them down with distractions, alcohol, parties and a strong, logical mind. Allowing my sensitivity to get to the surface again and learning how to deal with this. Facing lots of old fears and pains and facing the opinions of others along the way. Doubting many, many times if I want to continue, if I want to move forward, or if I not rather go back to “normal society”. Back to hiding myself, putting back the layers of protection, as it seems so much easier than to feel all these long-lost emotions and sensations.

Where for some people “normal society” feels perfectly fine, in these times of change a lot of people – just like me – start to feel that they can no longer play their part in “normal society”. They try to keep up with all expectations at work, at home, in their social life and regarding their own happiness, but it’s too much. People are trying to suppress their own needs, their own longings, their own dreams, their own sensitivity, just to fit in. But at some point they will break down and end up with a burnout or physical and/or emotional complaints.

I know that “normal society” is not right for me, just like many “spiritual paths” aren’t right for me either. So I go my own way, following and creating the path of my heart with the help of many who have gone before me and many who stand beside me. And I’m ready to be of help to those who want to follow and create their own path as well!

If you feel you have been giving to much and you can’t hold it much longer, take time to rest. Allow yourself to slow down and to find your own way in life. Know that you don’t have to live up to other people’s expectations, instead you can be an example of how to live life in a different way. Know that many people feel just like you and they can use some inspiration. Know that you’re not alone, and you don’t need to do it all alone, we are here to help each other.

And even though the “spiritual path” or path of your heart might not always be the easiest way, I can promise you: it’s worth it! Doing that what makes your heart sing, what makes you light up is worth every step of the way of uncovering and releasing, as it will only make you feel better. You can do it! And if you need my help, you know where to find me.

PS: I’m starting with sharing how to open to channel and how to practice Transformational Healing! Beginning of April in Holland (in Dutch) – find out more in the events on my Facebookpage.

Sometimes I’m scared…

Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I will never be successful with my business.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I will never be able to make a living with doing what I love most.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I’m not doing enough to make it work.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I’m trying to hard to make things work.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that no matter what I do, it’s never gonna work out.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that this business too shall fail, just like the previous ones.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I’m not made to be in this business-world.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that my dream will never become reality.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I will give up 1 step before the “finish line”.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that people will judge me when I fail.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that I will succeed and don’t know how to handle that.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared that people will judge me when I succeed.
Sometimes I’m scared…
Sometimes I’m scared, but I keep believing, keep trusting, keep surrendering.
Sometimes I’m scared, but I will do whatever it takes to make things work.
Sometimes I’m scared, but I won’t give up on my dream.
Sometimes I’m scared, but I try not to fail nor suffer under any success.
Sometimes I’m scared, but I won’t let judgement of others slow me down.
Sometimes I’m scared, but I keep going, giving my all to follow my path. Trusting, surrendering, letting go, believing, having faith, trying again and again, until I’ll make it.

But sometimes I’m scared…

Abundance is a mindset

Abundance is a mindset – I already knew, but this morning I can feel it in everything!

Last night before going to sleep, after being inspired by some Abraham-Hicks videos, I decided to set my thoughts on positive, abundant experiences. And this morning upon waking up, the first thing I focused my thoughts on (don’t let anything else get in between!) was abundance again, overflowing abundance in every area of my life. I continued with my morning practice (finally started again after weeks of intending to do so) and then started my day as normal, only I realised very quick that my experience wasn’t as normal. I noticed so much more things to be grateful for, I felt so much more gratitude for all that I have…

I became aware how good it feels to start my day like this, how happy I am that the sun is shining. I realised how grateful I am to be in Ibiza, to have my balcony door wide open while it is February and how much I enjoy the fresh air that comes in. I smiled because there wasn’t anything I needed to be doing, no rush, no need to worry about anything, I could just be fully present in the moment. I felt how much I’ve changed, how different my life is from the life I used to live in Holland and how grateful I am for all of this. I felt the connection with my Guides and Angels and how happy I am that I can now consciously work with them and share this with others.

I switched on my phone and got to listen to some messages of my boyfriend, which made me even happier! I am so grateful for our connection, for everything that we can share, for how he treats me and how he makes me feel. I feel loved in a way that I never experienced before and I’m not afraid to love him as much as I do, as it feels right. I am so grateful for everything I learn from him and how he gives me space to grow and evolve with and next to him. I’m grateful that something that once seemed like a dream has come true and is even better than I could have ever imagined.

I went downstairs to have breakfast and felt such gratitude for all that I could choose from and for the vibrant colors of the fruit I decided to eat. The taste of fresh fruit with the sun on my skin, the amazing view… I can continue for ages. It’s all just so wonderful – and this is my life! This is the life I created for myself, by keep following my heart, my guidance, my intuition. By keep believing, trusting, surrendering, even in times when nothing seemed to work out, when I felt I lost everything that was important to me and I felt it wasn’t worth it any longer. I kept going, hoping, trying to believe, to have faith and then always something beautiful would happen.

I realise more and more that choosing your vibration really attracts that what you want into your life. It’s not just words anymore, it’s not a believe, it’s reality. The life I’m living is the proof of the Law of Attraction, of “Ask and it is given”, of “Follow your heart/bliss”. We can “have it all” – we just have to choose it.

Choose your vibration, choose your mindset and you will receive! Life is beautiful!

Transformational Healing

My Healings have had many names, it started with ‘Reiki’ years ago. Soon that changed into ‘Healing’ as what I did was more than giving energy as you’re supposed to do in a regular Reiki session. After learning new techniques, I changed it into ‘Reconnective Chakra Healings’ at I was working with the chakras and mainly reconnecting people back to their hearts. When that didn’t feel sufficient anymore, I changed it to ‘Multi Dimensional Healing’, as that was the name my teacher used for it. But still it didn’t feel right…

This morning I received clear guidance: it should be ‘Transformational Healing’ and the main focus is to “heal the Healer”. I am here to help, support and awaken further the ones that are already on their path of service, but need help to break through the blockages that prevent them from fully stepping into their power. This can be through reconnecting them to their hearts, clearing out dysfunctional patterns, reactivating and realigning the chakras, removing any dark energies or anything else that is needed to reach their full potential.

The sessions are channeled, in full trust that whatever comes through in the moment is exactly what is needed. This makes every session unique, which makes it hard to explain how a session looks like. Most of the times it’s a combination of working on and around the body while you are seated, using my hands to energise, activate, clear and realign the chakras, using sounds to shift frequencies, channeling messages to explain the process and support the Healing and allowing anything that needs to come through to be seen, heared, felt or experienced.

If you feel you are ready to shine, but something is holding you back, this Healing is for you. Even when you’re not aware of your ‘path of service’, this Healing will take you there. As no matter how the session looks like, there’s always a transformation and it will bring you exactly what you need!

Are you ready?