Energy Boost

A weekly realigning & energy boost! With this monthly ‘maintenance subscription’ I tune into you every Monday evening to support your energetic alignment and connection & send you an energy boost.

The weekly Energy Boost assists you to stay close to yourself and your feelings, to be in balance, to experience (more) peace and to keep your energy levels up.

Apart from energy work for the whole group, I tune into every person separately for 10 minutes. Afterwards you receive a voice message with the information that came through for you personally.

I’ll tell you in advance what time your Energy Boost will be. You can choose to sit down for these 10 minutes to receive it, but you can also receive it while you’re doing other things. You will receive the Boost anyway!

Reconnect & Recharge Energy Boost is €15 for a 1 time Boost, or €40 per 4 weeks. You can also order the Boost for someone else, make sure to put down his/her details when you order.