New home!

Just 1 week ago I went to have a look at an apartment friends of mine bought and were going to rent out. And last night I spent my first night there!

In less than 1 week I decided to move, packed all my stuff, released my old home that I loved deeply and moved into this new place…

It was quite unexpected and at the same time I knew it was coming. I received several channellings about it – the one in the image is from 22/10/22 – and couldn’t have been more accurate!

Even though the apartment is totally different than what I’m used to and is not much newer than my old place – it will be! Really everything is coming together…

As I’m planning on traveling for a while beginning of next year (plan is going to Guatemala end of Feb) and while I’m away the apartment will get a massive upgrade! They will install a new kitchen and open it up so even more light comes in, create a 2nd bedroom and paint everything (outside). So when I’m back from my travels this place will have everything I put on my list for what I wanted in a new home!! And we could make a good deal that works for both me as my new landlords so we’re all very happy.

What I love most about this place is that I can see the sunrise over the sea from my balcony in the morning and can see sunset from my bedroom window in the evening!

Couldn’t think of a place with more light, so very excited to be here!

It’s a bit grey these days, but I’ll add a little video of my view from my new living room.

Soon some more pictures will come when I feel I’ve really settled in and everything has its place.

Wishing you all an amazing day!

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