You can’t push a river

“You can’t push a river” – I used that quote in a conversation I had with someone this week. It’s funny how easily you can give advice to someone else, but still having a hard time yourself doing exactly that what you advise others to do (or don’t). I once heard that you always have to listen to the advice you give to others, because it’s exactly what you need to hear yourself as well. I think that’s very true!

I have my own business and as all entrepreneurs I want it to be successful. To achieve that I want to invest my time and energy into it, so it can grow. However, sometimes on a planned ‘workday’, I don’t have any inspiration, I don’t feel like working, I’m not in the right flow. So I’ll do something else, because I know I can’t force it. But it doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not doing anything for my business, while everyone else is working. I feel worried, because if I don’t invest in my business, it might never be as successful as I want it to be. I feel insecure, not sure if or when I’ll find my flow back and if I’ll ever be able to make it as successful as I want it to be.

Yesterday was one of those days, I felt stuck. I had the feeling I needed to DO something, but I didn’t know what to do or where to begin. I decided to go to the forest. Walking in the forest, being in nature always helps me to get clear in my head again, to find my balance. I walked for a while, sat down to meditate and wrote in my diary. I reconnected with my heart. While my ego/mind was still telling me to DO something, now I could also feel my heart/soul telling me to wait, to have faith, to trust.  

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting go of trying to push the river. I have faith that the seeds I’ve planted are growing, even though I can’t see much on the surface yet. I’ll keep watering them and sending them love, so they will sprout. I’ll wait, patiently (or at least I’ll try), until they’re strong enough to show themselves and break through the surface. I’ll be taking care of them as long as necessary, without forcing anything. I’ll trust that the seeds will grow into strong and beautiful trees, full of fruits which I can harvest when the time is there. I trust that the river flows exactly as it needs to, that it will pass beautiful places on it’s way and that it will reach it’s destination at exactly the right time.

And while writing this blog, I received a phone call from someone that needs my help. She heard about me through a former client of mine and wanted to book a session asap. I think it’s the Universe showing me that the seeds are growing, there is no need to try to push the river!

Curious about the ‘seeds I’ve planted’? Take a look at what I can do for you!

2 thoughts on “You can’t push a river

  1. Carmen DeJesus

    Today, is sat, 30 july, 2021. Its 10:58am, setting on my bed, writing things of concerns, while I plan for a partner consulting, this fridaing coming.
    My therapist has thought me, or I should say: has taught me to pause my thoughts and actions, with the phase: “You can’t push the river”. I often, look up the phase so to remind myself and today was one of those days…leading me to read your blog. Your words felt light the cold water, running over my feet, helping me balance the cold water, while standing on rocks. At first it was a jolt, but as my body relaxed, my mind listen to the water passing, the sun on my face, gave me the security that all will be fine. Just inhale, exhale, feel the earth around you, while the wind carrys, the sound of branches, being visited by mother nature, with the harmony of the birds, singing: :We are not alone, be patient…for this will pass”. This is my interpretation, of your writings, forever grateful!


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