What I want from life

Both oracle cards that I picked for myself this morning suggested that I would write down what I want, what my plans are for the long term. As I can type much faster than I can write, I decided to write this on my computer and then I thought about sharing this with you and the rest of the world. Why? Because I like to share my dreams. Because when I share my dreams they’re “out there” and I believe they will come back to me manifested. Because I would love you to do the same, write down what you want from life and share it with us. Let the world know what you want and then go get it! Write down everything you want, without holding back, you can always make adjustments along the way. For now, just write down what would be the most amazing, most beautiful and most wonderful things that can happen in your life and then start moving in the right direction, the rest will follow!

Almost 2 months ago now, I moved to Ibiza, because I thought it would be a step in the direction of pursuing my dreams. I came here and so much happened, that I kinda lost sight of my dream. I was just struggling to get through the day or really enjoying myself (lots of ups and downs here), but nothing really had anything to do with my dream. A few days ago I moved to a really beautiful, quiet place and I’m connecting to myself again. I start feeling the urge to dream about (and create) my future again, so now I’m gonna write it down and share it with you! I’ll write without any constrictions, maybe not everything is possible (yet), but things might change along the way :)

The first thing I would really like – and which I don’t say out loud often because I don’t want to sound “needy”- is to meet the Love of my Life! I know he’s out there somewhere!! After spending most of my 32 years being (a really happy) single I am ready for love now! I am ready to share my life, to dream together, to talk, to laugh, to share, to BE together. I want a strong, handsome man, who knows what he wants from life. A guy that can make me feel cared for, without losing my independency. Someone I can cuddle with, that I can take care of and who makes me laugh. Someone that knows things I don’t know yet and who likes to philosophize about life. Someone that’s right for me and I’m right for him. Someone who is connected to his soul and lives a balanced life. Someone who wants to build his future with me in it! :)

Together I would love to create the dream life I told you about before: creating a place where other people can come to escape the hectics of the Western world. Live in nature, in our own wooden cabin, which we build ourselves. Be outside as much as possible, back to basic, but with the necessary and wanted comfort. Have an outdoor bathroom, being able to take a bath underneath the starry sky and shower with the sun on my skin. Eat our veggies and fruit fresh from our own land, each day healthy and pure food. Never have to wake up with an alarm, but just waking up with sunrise (or later). Being able to start the day slow, with time to connect to myself and do some yoga. Work that doesn’t feel like work, like giving Healings. Enjoy to have a deep connection with other people and being able to help them reconnect with themselves. Being close to the beach and close to a city, but living in a quiet area. Live each day with the flow of life.

Have kids, who can grow up in nature. Who don’t need to go to a school where they need to sit still most of the day to remember information they don’t really care about. Who can learn about life through experiencing it. Who learn about nature, growing your own food, being social, creating together, meditation, manifesting, living your dream and anything else they’re interested in!

A place where family and friends love to come and stay for a while, which is big enough for everyone! A place that keeps evolving, growing and changing. A place that’s home for me and my family and for everyone who needs a little time out!

A life in which money is no issue, where there’s always abundance, in every way. Abundance of love, of light, of joy, of peace, of happiness, of energy, of health, of wealth, of deep connections, of possibilities, of magic and of LIFE!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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