Transformational Healing

My Healings have had many names, it started with ‘Reiki’ years ago. Soon that changed into ‘Healing’ as what I did was more than giving energy as you’re supposed to do in a regular Reiki session. After learning new techniques, I changed it into ‘Reconnective Chakra Healings’ at I was working with the chakras and mainly reconnecting people back to their hearts. When that didn’t feel sufficient anymore, I changed it to ‘Multi Dimensional Healing’, as that was the name my teacher used for it. But still it didn’t feel right…

This morning I received clear guidance: it should be ‘Transformational Healing’ and the main focus is to “heal the Healer”. I am here to help, support and awaken further the ones that are already on their path of service, but need help to break through the blockages that prevent them from fully stepping into their power. This can be through reconnecting them to their hearts, clearing out dysfunctional patterns, reactivating and realigning the chakras, removing any dark energies or anything else that is needed to reach their full potential.

The sessions are channeled, in full trust that whatever comes through in the moment is exactly what is needed. This makes every session unique, which makes it hard to explain how a session looks like. Most of the times it’s a combination of working on and around the body while you are seated, using my hands to energise, activate, clear and realign the chakras, using sounds to shift frequencies, channeling messages to explain the process and support the Healing and allowing anything that needs to come through to be seen, heared, felt or experienced.

If you feel you are ready to shine, but something is holding you back, this Healing is for you. Even when you’re not aware of your ‘path of service’, this Healing will take you there. As no matter how the session looks like, there’s always a transformation and it will bring you exactly what you need!

Are you ready?

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