This too shall pass

“Nonresistance, nonjudgement and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living” – This touched me deeply when I read it last night in “A New Earth” (by Ekhart Tolle), as I could feel the Truth in it on such a deep level. I could also see that everything I’m struggling with in my own life, is because I am resisting, judging or attaching to something. Especially during this lockdown!

If you can live without resistance, without judgement and without attachment, you can BE with what is, no matter how it is. You don’t feel bad when a situation is difficult (in other words you’re not resisting or judging), because you know “This too shall pass”. You don’t feel worried something good might end (in other words you’re not attaching), because you know “This too shall pass”.

Living by the words “This too shall pass” (or “anicca” as they use in Vipassana) might sound at first as if you give up any bad AND good feelings about a situation. Which might make seem life useless… As everything will pass, either bad or good, what’s the point?!

That’s what I struggled with during and long after my Vipassana. I came out pretty depressed, not understanding why I should continue with my life as I didn’t understand the reason of it. If everything passes, what’s there to do?

Thanks to Ekhart Tolle’s words I found the deeper meaning, the deeper understanding and I hope I can bring that realisation to you as well. Or maybe just the start of it, the first opening…

Knowing that everything passes, doesn’t mean you’re not to enjoy everything! You can enjoy it even more, being completely in the moment, while you know it will pass, but for NOW you can take it in as much as you can. Right NOW you get to experience the beauty, the fun, the joy, the love, the excitement or whatever it is and you can take it in with all your senses. Without any attachment, without any resistance (i.e. feelings of unworthiness) and without any judgement (once you label it as “good”, you’ll most probably start to attach to it as well).

Knowing that everything passes, can help you through difficult times. You can accept them more easily, without resistance, without judgement and without attachment. And without all of that, it’s a lot easier to get through it. You can observe all that’s happening without getting caught up in it, without loosing yourself in it, without relating with it.

Knowing “This too shall pass” can help you in any situation, “good” or “bad” (try not to use those judgements!). It will make you more aware, more present and more grateful. Quite amazing I would say!

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