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This is me, in the kitchen of my best friend on the day of her wedding. Helping with serving coffee, tea and ‘Brabantse worstenbroodjes’ (a Dutch savory treat). It really pictures me the way I am, in my role of being of service.

All of the jobs I had, I’ve always been of service to other people. I’ve worked as a waitress for over 17 years and I just loved taking care of people, making sure they had a good time out. I’ve worked in childcare, where the role of service was more nurturing and playful, but I loved it just as much. I’ve done voluntary work in Ghana, also truly wonderful to do. I’ve had my own backoffice business, where I supported others in their jobs. Again something that came from my heart, although working in an office is not really my thing. I’ve worked as a hostess on many events, have worked as a receptionist, as a facility manager and I’ve assisted at retreats. And everything felt really good, as I could help others, as I could be of service.

I’ve got my Bachelor of Social Work, from my study Creative Therapy. A beautiful profession to help people who have a hard time talking about their problems, to express it in a different way: through art, music or drama. I loved the 4 years of studying, all internships I did and learned so much! But I knew I wouldn’t work as a Creative Therapist, the focus was too much on ‘problems’ for me (even though my teachers told me that they needed more people like me to focus on the possibilities in the work field).

When I received my first Reiki session, I immediately knew that this was something that I wanted to give to others as well. This feeling of coming ‘home’, of deep love, of being fully connected to my heart was so special! This is something that everyone should experience. And so I learned to give Reiki and started my own practice, next to my other job.

Now, quite a few years later, everything seems to come together again. Only now I work for myself in my own practice, which gives me the freedom I enjoy so much and where I can be completely in service to others, in the ways I love most! I still give Healings, but they are quite different than the Reiki I started with. And now I also offer coaching, help people through online meditations and videos (including a free 21 days of mindfulness program) and the best of all: I offer personalised, private retreats. These retreats are special to me, as I can take care of people in so many ways during these days! I cook for them, they stay with me at my place, I coach them, give Healings and offer guidance. Together we explore the island and I get to share my love for Ibiza. It really makes my heart sing to be of service in this way!

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Photo by Joyce Boutkan Fotografie

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