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“The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment”. This seems simple and only logical, but are you really enjoying EVERY moment? Or just the moments that make you smile, that make you laugh, that make you feel good? Are you capable of enjoying EVERY moment, so also the moments that make you sad, that make you cry, that make you feel bad?

The goal of Vipassana meditation is to learn to be present, aware, without any judgement, in every moment. To not want more of the “good things” and less of the “bad things”. So you could say “to enjoy EVERY moment”.

3 months after my Vipassana I’m starting to get it, to not only understand it with my mind, but also to experience it in my life. To not try to only have happy moments, happy thoughts, but to be as present when I’m feeling sad or low and have “negative” thoughts.

Being present and not trying to avoid pain, sadness or fear becomes easier the more you do it. And then you realise that even in your “lows” there is a lot of beauty, a lot to learn, a lot to enjoy!

Even though my Vipassana experience was very intense and I didn’t enjoy it at all, I’m now very grateful for what I’ve learned there! I feel I’m getting closer and closer to “the purpose of life” and “to enjoy every moment”!

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