Symbolism on my body

I have a new tattoo! Or two to be exact, one on each arm. Having these tattoos is not just because I think it looks nice, or because I wanted a new tattoo and this is what came up. It’s more the other way around: these symbols showed up and needed to be tattooed on my body.

As many of you know I’ve been on a spiritual journey organised by Solara An-ra in Egypt last January. Just before this trip I found a beautiful image, created by Francesca Loveartist that helped me to connect to the energies of Egypt before going there.

My personal journey in Egypt was very intense! I connected to past lifetimes, had very strong energetic clearings and it made me change my name to Ankhana. The energetic clearings happened in a few temples and were sometimes so strong that I wasn’t able to walk by myself as my whole body was shaking and I could hardly stand on my legs. Luckily we were with a group of 40 lightworkers and I had the best support I can ever imagine! Very grateful for everyone that helped me get through these mayor energy shifts – with special thanks to Andrea, Sia-Lanu and Solara for being there in the moments I thought I wasn’t able to go any further and you helped me with your amazing healing and support to get through!!

And also to Gabby, who helped me in the Temple of Isis to walk in very slowly, as my body would start to shake uncontrollably every few steps. Thank you for your patience and your help! Gabby (Colledge) is an amazing tattoo artist and while we were on the bus, I asked her to draw a little ankh on my wrist. The ankh is a symbol that I saw for the first time when I walked into a very special group meditation in the mountains of Ecuador in 2012 together with some friends. The ankh was in the middle of a beautiful flower and crystal mandala and it immediately drew my attention. I’ve been thinking of having it as a tattoo since, but never could decide where on my body it needed to be. After having Gabby drawing it with pen on my wrist, I knew it had to be there! So when I came back from Egypt, I got my tattoo done by Gerson Adonay here in Ibiza.

From the image of Francesca, I was also intrigued by the Eye of Horus, and was thinking of maybe having it on my other wrist. But being in Egypt, I realised the Eyes of Horus are mostly depicted together – both left and right. So I knew I had to get both. While I never wanted any visible tattoos, with the ankh and the Eyes of Horus I had no doubt of where they had to be: on my wrist and lower arms – in plain sight. It just felt right!

Getting these symbols imprinted on my body helps me to connect with the information and energy that is within these symbols. It helps me to connect to Egypt and my previous lifetimes there. It helps me to connect with the knowledge and the power that comes with these symbols. An it’s a beautiful reminder of my journey in Egypt.

After deciding that I needed both Eyes of Horus on my body, in a 6 pointed star (a 2D Merkaba) – just like in the image of Francesca – I knew they had to be done by Gabby. I really wanted the ankh on my body asap, so I didn’t want to wait for Gabby, but with the Eyes I could wait to have them done by the one who supported me in Egypt to walk into the Temple of Isis.

Just a few days before getting the tattoos done I looked into the meaning of the Eyes of Horus, and everything just made so much sense to me! In general the Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. His right eye was associated with the sun god, Ra. The left eye, sometimes represented the moon and the god Thoth.

The Eyes were also used as a symbol for the mystery schools in ancient Egypt, where the Right Eye of Horus covered information about the knowledge aspects of the Universe – the male polarity perspective of life – and the Left Eye of Horus increased the apprentice’s intuitive abilities and balanced the emotional/feminine aspect of one’s nature. It’s connected with alchemy, which I’m studying for about a year and a half now and which I’ll be sharing more about in the future.

The Merkaba carries great energy of spiritual transformation. It is like a three dimensional Star of David, so 3D interlocking triangles – which means that the realms are intersecting, merging the Divine and the Human together.

For the healer this symbol means that the healing gifts and powers are amplified and one’s personal Divine spark is awakened.

For me it’s just PERFECT to have this on my body! Very, very happy!!

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