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As you might have noticed after seeing some of my previous posts, I am reading “A New Earth” from Eckhart Tolle currently. An amazing book, that’s giving me many insights about the way our ego functions and how we can be more ‘rooted into Being’.

The other day my eye fell on one of the books in our studio, called “Results – think less, achieve more” (author: Jamie Smart). We recently found this book in a pile of books that was left at the trash bins (this is one of the .. in Ibiza, people leave good stuff outside of the trash containers for other people to be picked up) and decided to take it home with us, along with some other books with interesting titles. We didn’t read any of them so far, but now this book caught my attention. I started reading the back and the first few pages and I couldn’t help but notice how much this book was similar to “A New Earth”. It talks about a lot of the same principles, but instead of a ‘spiritual’ book, it’s a very practical book.

For me it’s no coincidence that I picked up this book now and started reading it next to A New Earth. As I come from a very practical background, not believing in ‘all this spiritual stuff’, I love to be able to understand (and explain) things not only on a spiritual level, but also the practical level. These two books are doing just that for me in this moment!

It feels as if I’m in some sort of pressure cooker, taking in all this knowledge on a high speed, both on a spiritual level as on a practical level. I can see that what I’m learning is assisting me to get a deeper understanding of myself, my thoughts, my feelings and my behaviour and I know that this is exactly what I can assist others with as well.

As I’ve started to put my coaching more ‘out there’ (with a free webinar among other things) I’m learning so many new tools and ways of looking at things, understanding it from different perspectives. What I’m learning now is so useful in all areas of my life: for my business, as well as my relationship with my boyfriend, the way I experience life and how I can change this experience to feel even more connected to myself, to my passion and the excitement it brings to me. It seems as if in just a couple of days my experience of life has made a huge shift and I can’t wait to help more people to experience the same!

So I can highly recommend reading both of these books! Or if you prefer, I can teach you… Just watch my free webinar to start learning.

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