Shifting energies

Lots is shifting, lots is happening. Not just for me on a personal level, but I hear, see and feel it happening around me as well. Letting go, releasing. More and more.

Sometimes it might feel as a never ending story – and maybe that is true on some level – but know that with every release, every shedding of a layer you get 1 step closer to your core, to whom you truly are.

We’re moving into an interesting week with the equinox and the new moon closely after one another.

Monday evening at 22.24h CET is the exact time of the equinox – the day where day & night are equally long. From now on we move forward into the light again. The days become longer and the nights become shorter. The start of spring!

Tuesday at 18.23h CET is the start point of the new moon. A great moment to plant your seeds, set your intentions, start something new.

With these two events so closely after each other, it feels like a very special week to me. A great week to start something new. To focus on the light that comes in, the seeds that will grow.

Know that what you’re going through right now is making space for the new to come in. First releasing the old, then welcoming the new in. First releasing your shell, before the seed can fully sprout and reach the light.

We’re nearly there! You’ve got this ūüôŹ

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