Receiving Guidance

A few days ago I wrote about that I feel I’m much more connected to my Guidance here on the island and that I got guided to host a live Channelling Course again. Which made me realise… doing my first Channelling Course in 2016 myself has made a HUGE impact on my life!

From when I was young I always knew/felt/saw “more”, but as it wasn’t easy to understand why I experienced everything so different than most people (other kids) around me I closed everything up. Then when I received my first Reiki session in 2014 and shortly after got my 1st and 2nd degree in Reiki, everything opened up again.

When I moved to Ibiza in 2016 I was a bit confused about my Reiki sessions, as my hands where doing all sorts of things that weren’t part of Reiki (you should keep your hands in specific positions to pass through the Reiki energy) but that I couldn’t explain. Luckily I met an amazing teacher on the island who helped me to understand what was happening through her Healing and Channelling Courses.

Being able to channel my own Guides, Higher Self and Spirit Team has helped me many times to get clarity on what steps I needed to take, to gain insights in specific issues in my life and to feel supported by something bigger than me. Next to that it has been an amazing tool in assisting others in the healings and coaching I offer.

Pretty soon I realised that – just like with the Reiki – channelling was also something that I wanted to pass on to others and I started teaching. The past few years I’ve been teaching many people in weekend-long courses and each time it’s just magical to see people open up to their Guidance and receiving the most beautiful messages – especially as most people think they aren’t capable of doing it. But each time it turns out they are!

Grateful to have received this, to be able to share this and can’t wait to be teaching again end of May! In case you’re interested, more info at

With love, Ankhana

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