Out of my comfort zone

Really going out of my comfort zone here… Far out!

Recently my Guides started to tell me that I needed to start sharing my channelings in a video (with me visible in it while channeling), which I didn’t want to do. So I didn’t act upon it.

Showing myself while channeling is still something that makes me feel uncomfortable, even when I channel after a Healing or in my weekly meditation circle. So to show it to “the whole world” is something that really scares me!

“What if people think I’m crazy? What if people will make fun of me? What if…?” – I could think of a million reasons why not to do it! But my Guides told me even though there will most certainly be people that don’t understand and that they might make fun of me, there will me much more people who will benefit from it. That this is my gift to the world and that I had to start sharing it NOW, especially now…

So here it goes, me going way out of my comfort zone, sharing a channeled message in a video recording. The first one of many – according to my Guides – so I better get used to it. And if I can be of service in this way, I am happy to do it.

This one is especially to assist you with integrating the New Earth energies. You can find it here (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel when you’re there!).


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