No social media

Soooo… 23 days without social media so far! It’s been very weird at the start, kept unlocking my phone only to realise there wasn’t really anything to do with it…

It def saves me a lot of time scrolling, reading/watching (un)interesting content or thinking about/creating my own content.

But I also noticed that I missed keeping up to date with some people… So I decided to message then directly to catch up and must say that brings a lot more joy and true connection than social media did!

By now I’m not uselessly picking up my phone anymore and I’m connecting directly with the people I want to be in touch with at this moment (please don’t be offended if I haven’t messaged you personally yet) – so, anything else I miss? To be honest, not really!!

I think it makes me spend a lot less time on my phone and make more real, direct connections to people… So, so far I can only recommend!

PS: for my business I don’t see any real change either! People seem to find me through others with the events that I do.

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