No alcohol

I never drink any alcohol (at least) 24 hours before I have to do any spiritual work. When I tell that to people, they tend to ask if I’m that sensitive to alcohol, if my hangovers are that bad? No, they’re not.

People who know me from back in the Netherlands know I was quite a good drinker (could easily keep up with the guys) without ever having a hangover. But the thing is, alcohol numbs your senses. So it’s not so much that I would directly feel the difference – I could still do an Akasha Reading, Cacao Ceremony or a Healing while drinking the day before – but I choose to be in the purest state of being. To be as sensitive and receptive I can be, because I want to be as good as a vessel for the energy to flow as possible.

Luckily they have really good non-alcohol beers here on the island! Haha… Something I would never drink in the Netherlands (“you either drink beer with alcohol, or no beer at all”), but now I love it. It gives the feeling of a drink, without compromising my sensitivity.

At the moment of this picture my friend wanted to toast on something beautiful that’s being created (more about that soon), but with having 3 Akashic Readings scheduled for the next day, I didn’t want to drink any alcohol. So I ordered a non-alcoholic beer. To toast to something does feel nicer with a drink than with a soda, even if my drink doesn’t contain any alcohol… ;)

Funny thing is, that when I bring non-alcohol drinks to a ‘bring your own’ party (they also have quite nice non-alcohol Cava here at the regular supermarket) a lot of people go for the non-alcoholic option when it’s available! Which then leaves me without my non-alcohol drinks sometimes… But I’m happy to share and even invite others to try the non-alcoholic version, to let them experience it’s not as bad as they think and maybe inspire them to do the same next time…?

Do you ever go for a non-alcoholic option?

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