New name!

Sometimes there are things in life that you don’t understand until it happens to you. That is exactly what happened to me with receiving a new name. I never understood why people felt the urge to change their name, especially not into a ‘weird’/spiritual name. But now I have received a new name myself and I feel it’s right for me. I feel it will help me to step into my power even more and to fully embody my True Self. This might sound quite ‘out there’, but I’ll try to explain.

The sound of a name, or it’s vibration, comes with a certain feeling, a certain expectation, maybe even a certain ‘role’. When you hear a name, you often get an image about how this person would be. The frequency of a name contains this image, this expectation that you have of it and being called a certain name over and over again, will influence that person on a very subtle level. That’s why some people never get called their full name, but rather a nickname, just because the sound of the name doesn’t resonate with the person’s character.
In my case, no-one ever called me by my full name ‘Sandra’, it was always ‘Sannie’ or ‘San’, or something not related to my name, like chica, guapa, sweetie, ‘maat’.

Living in Ibiza for quite a while now, I met more and more people that have taken on new names or got given a new name while I was there. And I got to see that these new names, however ‘weird’ they might sound in the beginning, always suited the person receiving the new name. I could see how this new name would help them to open up, to let go of old habits or ways of being that were part of their old name/identity and how beautiful this whole process was! It made me wonder if I would ever get a new name, but I still didn’t feel much for taking on a ‘strange’ name…

At the same time, I started to notice that I wasn’t really connected with my full name ‘Sandra’ (as back home no-one calls me that), but introducing myself as ‘Sannie’ or ‘San’ also didn’t feel right. When I received a channeling by Solara An-Ra in November that I would receive a new name, I was really curious! She told me it would a ‘normal’ name, something I heard before, like ‘Saskia’ for example. (It’s quite funny that she mentioned this as an example – out of all the possible names for girls – as my parents wanted to call me Sandra or Saskia!) I would receive the name myself in a written channeling, somewhere soon, and I would really LOVE my new name.

In December I received the name ‘Anna Sofia’ in a written channeling and I did love it! So after receiving a very clear confirmation through some beautiful synchronicities I’ve started using it. Soon it became clear that ‘Anna’ would just be temporarily, for a period of opening up and blossoming, until I would be ready to receive my full (‘weird’) name. So I decided not to share it with everyone yet, to make it not even more complicated.

On our journey in Egypt I changed. In only 10 days I’ve learned so much, I released, I cried, I opened up, I received – much more than I would ever imagine possible! When Solara said at the end of the trip “I think that’s the end of ‘Anna’ now”, I knew she was right. So when later that week in Solara’s channeling the full name ‘Ankhana’ came through, I wasn’t surprised. It still holds the ‘An’ and the ‘na’, and also connects me with the ‘ankh’ (Egyptian symbol for ‘eternal life’). For me it is perfect!

I feel that it’s time to take on this new name and with doing this I consciously choose for a path of service, for sharing my love and my light and to support others on their paths. And so it is!

Love & Light,
Ankhana Sofia

PS: I understand that you need some time to get used to my new name, the easiest way is to change my name in your phone immediately, so each time you see something of me you’ll already see my new name. I’ll change my Facebook and email addresses over the coming weeks/months as well. And then at some point, it just comes naturally…

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