My first time in Ibiza…

4 years ago around this time of the Summer Solstice I was in Ibiza for the first time (with a dive into the sea at sunrise! – see pic). A good friend of mine was hosting a retreat and she needed help. At first I wasn’t sure if I should do it, as my budget was tight and it felt weird to take days off from work in Holland to work in Ibiza (instead of using them for having a holiday). But it turned out to be more like holiday than feeling like work! And even though I didn’t see much of the island in that week, as we mostly stayed at the villa where the retreat was – except for a few quick beach visits – but when I went back to Holland I knew it wasn’t the last time I visited the island. Never had I imagined to have quit my job and sublet my house 1,5 months later to follow my heart and try to work & live here on this magical island!! But I did…

Being back at work I realised I wasn’t happy and for a long time already I had this dream of living abroad. Having travelled much of the world, I knew I didn’t want to be too far away from my friends and family back home, so I had decided it would probably be Spain. And Ibiza just seemed like the perfect start.

The perfect start turned out to be quite a difficult start, as I wasn’t the only one trying my luck here in Ibiza. Many people are drawn to the island because of its special energy and especially people in the same workfield (healing) as me. Upon arrival I bought a tent, a mat and a sleeping bag at Decathlon and for €75 I had my ‘house’ for the coming weeks. I thought it would be only a matter of a few days before finding a job with my experience in restaurants, childcare and healing work, but I didn’t have much luck. I did work somewhere as a volunteer in exchange for living for a week, but the amount of work wasn’t worth the exchange. So I was quickly back at the campsite.

I remember one moment when I was laying in my tent somewhere in those first few weeks and feeling completely lost. I didn’t know what to do, I felt completely alone and missed the people I loved. Most of all I missed the feeling of being surrounded by a warm family, sharing food, feeling at home. I cried out to my angels that I couldn’t do this any longer… I believe the next day I started chatting with a few guys that were living on the campsite for a while as well and only a few days later we were cooking and eating together. I really had to laugh when one of the guys said that we were like ‘a family’. A little sign from the Universe that I was supported.

Those first weeks went with lots of up and downs, enjoying the beauty of the island, but also having difficulties finding a job and home. Until the moment I ran out of money, I had a fight with the guy I was seeing and I still didn’t have a job or a normal home (and I was DONE sleeping in my very small tent!). I called my parents that evening, feeling completely empty, I hadn’t succeeded to manifest my dream. There was 1 last thing I needed to finish on the island and then I would go to mainland Spain if I could be a volunteer there or I would simply just come home. I had tried and I had failed.

The next day I went to see someone I worked for a few days, to say goodbye and finish what I had promised her. While being there she received a text message and immediately said it was for me. I had a look and I knew she was right. A Dutch girl was leaving the island and needed replacement for her job in taking care of an elderly Dutch lady. The work was part time and came with a house, a car and some money… I contacted the girl and got the job! So that was the end of my time at the campsite and the start of my – now almost 4 years – Ibiza adventure.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m SO grateful that I’ve listened to my heart to come to Ibiza that first time 4 years ago and that I’m still here. Life has been a pretty interesting journey ever since, but I wouldn’t want to have missed one second of it! (or maybe just a few haha)

I’m still in LOVE with this beautiful, magical island that I can call home. Thank you Izaja for asking me to help you at that retreat 4 years ago, thank you to all the wonderful people that made my life here even more interesting and thank you Ibiza for being my home. I’m ready for more!

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    1. Ankhana Post author

      Graag gedaan! Mooi om te zien dat dit bericht 2 jaar later nog steeds inspireert :) En voor mezelf ook erg leuk om weer even terug te lezen!


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