Message from Isis

It’s time, sweet Sister, it’s time.
It’s time for you to rise, it’s time for you to reclaim your power. The power that lies within you, within every female walking upon Earth in this time.
It’s time, beautiful Sister, it’s time.
Feel that you are ready, feel that energy inside of you growing, glowing, waiting to fully shine!
It’s time, it’s time.
Stand up for yourself, acknowledge yourself for the beautiful, strong, powerful being that you are.
There is no need to suffer, there is no need to struggle, there is no need to search for something outside of you. All is within you, you had the power all along.
Realise that the Divine feminine is within you and embrace her. Let her out!
It’s time, dear Sister, it’s time!
Let yourself be seen, let yourself be heard, let yourself be all that you truly are!
It’s time to stop playing small, to stop being dependent, to stop being anything less than the wonderful Goddess that you are.
Rise, sister, rise! Shine, step up, show yourself! Embrace yourself, love yourself, be yourself.
I am here to help you, to guide you back to your true nature. Let the feminine inside you hear my message, feel my love and support. I am here to help you, it’s time!
Connect with me, call upon me any time you feel you need me. Any time you feel lost, insecure or scared, call upon me and I will be with you. Holding you, comforting you, loving you and helping you to feel your power within.
Connect with me to connect with your own inner powerful feminine, it’s time!
– Isis

Channeled by Ankhana Sofia, December 5th 2018

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