I proudly present… my new logo!

I was thinking of waiting to share it, as it would be “better” if I had everything else organised as well. My new web texts, the whole outline of my new direction, a clear explanation of it all… But I have decided I’m doing it differently this time! 😁

I have created this new logo myself and I’m very happy with it, so I love to share it with you and hear what you think? 🙏

Why a new logo? Because so much has happened and is currently shifting in me and my work, that I felt the old logo no longer resonates with me. I wanted something softer, ’rounder’ (as a feeling/sensation), more gentle and still balanced and centered. More feminine, but still powerful – and I love the result! 😍

Also I wanted to add “Reconnect & Recharge” to my logo, as I realised in a conversation with a friend recently (who told me I should practice more of what I teach – and she was so right!) that this is what I do in ALL that I offer, not just my retreats. And going through all the recent shifts in my own life, I experienced once again how important it is to stay connected and ‘charged’ and how easy you can loose your connection and end up feeling empty and drained.

So this is it… my new logo and the start of a new way of working (although not completely new, more an evolved way) – all focused to help you to “Reconnect & Recharge”, so you can be the best version of you!

More to follow soon… (or whenever I’m ready with the next steps haha, trusting my flow!)

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