Distant Healing

I take all my things with me and look for a good place to sit. We’re living on a mountain now and there’s many beautiful spots where I can sit down. As it’s still early in the morning and it’s not so hot today, I choose a lovely spot in the sunshine. I lay down my yoga mat, place a stool in front of me for my iPad and sit down to tune in. I start with a short meditation to ground and centre myself and to connect with my Guides & Angels. Now I am ready to start working.

I call my client through Skype and explain to her how a distant Healing session works: it’s almost the same as in person, with the only difference I can’t touch her physically. But we both still close our eyes and I do exactly the same as I would do when I am physically with my client. We switch off our cameras and continue with just the audio connection. I help my client to ground herself and then ask what she wants to put into our Healing session today. I make sure that we get to the core of the issue she wants to heal and clearly state what we’ll be working on, so my client can feel if it’s correct and if anything needs adjusting.

Once we have specified the theme of the session today, I tell my client to relax and to open herself for the Healing that’s coming. I open the Healing part of the session by calling in our Guides & Angels and start the session. During the session everything just flows. There’s nothing I need to think about, as I’m guided all the way through. I get sensations in my body, images in my minds eye and messages from my Guides that help me to give this Healing to my client. My hands move, I channel sounds and I feel the energy flowing between us – even though we’re miles apart.

In the session there’s chakra balancing, help with extra grounding, a Chamber of Light for an energy upgrade, assistance with the integration of this new, higher frequency and the session ends with a beautiful channelled message from the Angels. When the Healing is finished, I ask my client to switch on her camera again, so I can see and hear how she feels.

She feels wonderful, touched and quiet. She doesn’t want to put her feelings into words at this moment, as she feels it wouldn’t do justice to what she’s experiencing. I understand, it happens a lot after a session. I advice her to stay in that lovely Healing bubble for as long as she wants, she promises to get back to me later that day. We end our Skype connection and I feel happy, grateful, blessed, energised. This is my work! Sitting on a mountain with a spectacular view, in the sunshine, sharing this energy and messages from above with people who need it… It doesn’t get much better than this!!

PS: you can also experience a distant Healing, or even learn how to give them – in June I’m in Holland teaching! Have a look at www.ankhana.com or contact me through WhatsApp: +316 3912 5227.

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