Changes (channeled)

Changes, changes, changes! Lots and lots of changes. On many different levels.
Don’t be afraid, Dear One, for what is happening in the world right now.

You can see it as a global ‘update’. We are assisting people to grow, to expand, to change! To get out of their comfort zone, out of their comfort life – where they were hardly LIVING anymore – to start BEING present again, to start thinking, to start FEELING!

Becoming aware… of themselves, of their beliefs, of their ‘securities’. Nothing in life is secure, Dear One, nothing is sure, only death. And it seems most people have forgotten just that. They are afraid of death, so they don’t want to think about it. Forget it, as much as possible. But the fear of death – for themselves or their loved ones – is never far away. It’s always lingering inside. And when there’s danger it shows up, and they will try anything possible to avoid it, while knowing it is inevitable.

We are assisting, Dear One, in helping people remember that death is not their enemy! That death is nothing to fear about, rather just a part of the cycle of human life on Earth. No-one truly dies, Dear One, only their body is left behind.

We are assisting, Dear One, to help people work through their fears, to realise the 1 sure thing in their lives and that knowing that, accepting that will help them to truly LIVE again. To make different decisions, to change their lives into something more meaningful, more joyful, more ALIVE.

Be aware of these shifts, Dear One, and see how you can help. Spread your Light, BE there for the ones who need it. The world is waking up!

We are with you,
helping, assisting, supporting, awakening.

We love you.

– Channeled by Ankhana Sofia 29-4-2020

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