I wrote a blog about releasing my resistance to change yesterday, but I’m also aware of how much was already changing before that. The way I see and experience the world is changing and with that everything is changing. As I get more and more in tune with the energy all around me, I become more sensitive to the smallest details in this energy. My connection is changing, my channeling is changing, my Healings are changing.

I already stopped calling my sessions ‘Reconnective Chakra Healings’ as I felt the name was no longer sufficient. Now I call them ‘Multi Dimensional Healings’, which has a much bigger range of possibilities. It’s multi dimensional as I work with energy, on different kind of levels/dimensions. And the focus is not only on the chakras anymore. As I learn to step aside more and to really be a pure, open channel, different things have started to come through. While it’s not in the name anymore, I still help people to reconnect – to their hearts, their intuition, their purpose and the Universe!

It seems like every session has been completely different (even more different than they were before – as no session was ever similar to another), some still working on the chakras, but in a different way than before. Some sessions came with options my client could choose from and some sessions were in the form of really working together with my client throughout the whole session. A few were in the form of an initiation: to a new path and a new name. Some have been pretty physical, with almost a form of massage or acupressure, others completely in the energetic realm, without a lot of touch. Some came with a channeling, others without. One was even almost a full hour of channeling! No matter the form, they were all deep, profound, transformational Healings that I love to be the conduit of.

As that is what I am: a vessel or channel for the energies that want to work through me, always for the highest and greatest good of my client and of all. The more I step aside, the more I allow to be a pure conduit for what needs to happen, the more special the session. It’s not me that decides how the session needs to be, or what would be best for my client. I allow the Universe to work through me by opening myself up to the highest possible guidance and trust that whatever comes through is exactly what my clients needs!

I’m very grateful that I’ve learned to tap into this Universal flow of Healing energy and that I can be of service in this way. It feels so natural to me and it’s so beautiful to see the change in my clients between the moment they walk in and the moment they leave. I love my work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS: if you feel like I can be of assistance to you in breaking through old patterns, letting go of dysfunctional beliefs and releasing anything that no longer serves you, I am here for you. I love helping you to reconnect in every possible way and to support you in stepping back into your power. You are ready for the next step!

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