Big, happy changes

I have some exciting news to share! But first I want to say: thanks so much for the massive responses and love I received (on Facebook) after my previous blog post, it really touched me!

So the last time I wrote is 2 days ago. Only 2 days! I was shocked when I checked it, it felt for me as a week haha…

Exactly 1 week ago, last Thursday, I went to have a look at a casita (small house) somewhere up in the north of the island. It was a lovely meeting with the Dutch lady that owns it, the casita was nice, but the location was quite far out and the casita was small.

As I only had 1 more week in Casa Solara (my old ‘home’ where I was so lucky to be able to rent a room in the meantime) and I didn’t want to share a house with a complete stranger, I was happy that at least I found something that was available, affordable and where I would have everything for myself.

To be honest, coming from a beautiful campo house with 3 big bedrooms and an amazing garden I really had to adjust to see myself living here. I know that on my own I can’t afford a campo house with 3 bedrooms, but the difference couldn’t be much bigger… Still I was grateful to know I had a place to go to.

2 days later I receive a message on Facebook from another Dutch lady, she has 2 rooms and a bathroom available. So the next day, last Sunday, I went to see it. This place was right in the area I want to live, the 2 rooms and bathroom looked good and they had lots of furniture I could use. This felt much better, a lot much more spacious, but it didn’t have a kitchen (I’d had to improvise one) and the family turned out to have 5 kids.

I really love cooking, so no kitchen (and no sink or anything) felt a bit weird, and I do love kids, but living with 5 of them next door…? I had to sleep on it. I came to the conclusion that, as I now only had 3 more days until I had to move out, I was grateful to have found something bigger and not so isolated. So I cancelled the casita.

On Tuesday night I could feel a sadness in me. Even though the place looked lovely and the family seemed really nice to me, I didn’t feel excited about my move. It felt as if I was trapped. I’d been looking on so many websites and Facebook groups for houses, I’ve been tagged in so many posts (thanks for all the help everyone!!), I received a lot of private messages with links to houses, but it seemed I had to move to a temporary place again, from which I wasn’t sure if I would feel at home.

Then yesterday (Wednesday) came… In the morning I still felt this sadness in me, knowing I had to move today and still not feeling really happy about it. I didn’t want to focus on it, as I knew it wouldn’t help me in any way, so I distracted myself with work. Then I received a message from another Dutch lady (so many Dutchies here haha) that I messaged with a few days before. When we were in touch before I told her my budget and it wasn’t enough for her place, but now she messaged me again saying she wanted to talk. So I called her.

It was a lovely conversation where she explained they just had a new 2 bedroom apartment in Cala Vadella, but because of code orange they couldn’t go there now and they wanted someone trustworthy to be in their house for now. If I could pay a little more than I first said, I could move in the next day!

She sent me the brochure of the house and it looked absolutely amazing!! Not in the place I was looking for (but on the other end of the island haha), but at least it felt as a place where I could settle in as it looked good, it had a kitchen, amazing views and no kids around. So I said YES! At least now for the next month I knew I’d be in a beautiful place and I had the time to look for something from the beginning of October.

That was already a lot to take in in 1 day, but the story continues…

I called one of my good friends on the island to share my story, as well as to tell her I would be in Cala Vadella – a place she really loves. I told her she could come over and visit, to see and experience it.

Then she said something I never expected… “Do you want to swap?”!

My friend just moved into a lovely place between San Carlos and Santa Eularia (my preferred area), on the 1st of August. She knew I really loved her place, as I went to visit the house with her for the first viewing. In fact, I was the one who saw it on Facebook and then sent it to her, as back then I didn’t feel I’d be ready to move out of our campo house by August 1st.

And now, just 1 month later, she offers me to leave her place with a year round contract in the area that I love, so she can move to a temporary place in an area I don’t really want to be. I couldn’t believe it!! I had to let that sink in and – even though it sounded amazing – feel if this was really what I wanted…

The house in Cala Vadella seemed really nice as well and everything was arranged, I’d move in there in less than 20 hours! Could I really change everything again, or did I wanted a month of beauty and quietness in Cala Vadella?

As I’m still trying to find my new way of navigating through my life, I needed some time to consider… But soon I realised this was it! I’d get an amazing 1 bedroom place that I can afford in an area I love and my friend would finally move to the place that she really loves!!!

So after checking with the owner of Cala Vadella (who was luckily so flexible to allow it and also be happy with this change, as my friend will stay there for the whole winter now), I got really excited! Where in the morning I was still dreading having to move, a few hours later I found the perfect place! (Or it found me haha)

In the evening my friend saw her landlady and she also agrees, so today I’m moving to my new home!! A perfect new start after the full moon last night – feeling super grateful!


I hope this story inspires you if you are feeling down at the moment… Know that everything can shift within a day! Keep believing, keep trusting. And if you have a difficult time to do that, just send out what you want and then distract yourself – let the Universe work its magic! All is well.

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