Back on the island!

I’m so grateful to be back on the island and having the sun on my skin again. As well as feeling the magic of Ibiza again, the flow, the alignment, the guidance. It is as if I can receive my guidance a lot easier here, as if I’m closer to myself, easier connected to the flow of life.

In the Netherlands I got into full action mode, which I really enjoyed as well. So now I am balancing the two: being in flow and continuing to be in action as well. As it’s easy to loose yourself in the flow of the island and forget there’s also work to do. But I made myself a strong promise when I was in Holland: I want to continue putting my heart and energy into my business, as this is what makes me happy!

So I am connecting and flowing as well as working and structuring, and I have to say I quite like this new way of doing things. Knowing so clearly what I want and where I want to go with my business, it’s easier to say “no” to the abundance of social activities that are offered here. It feels good to stay close to myself, put the work in AND enjoy the flow of the island, being open to receive my guidance along the way.

One of the things that became clear to me – even though I received different guidance a few months ago – is that I’m supposed to be teaching my Channelling Course again! And it got me really excited!! I think I needed to let go completely (and in the mean time put it out as an online course) to realize again how much I enjoy teaching this in person too! So I’m looking forward to be teaching another group to open up to communicate with their Guides, Higher Self & Spirit Team again, as these weekends are always so magical!!

If you’re curious, check out, or message me if you have any questions or like to book!

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