Abundance is a mindset

Abundance is a mindset – I already knew, but this morning I can feel it in everything!

Last night before going to sleep, after being inspired by some Abraham-Hicks videos, I decided to set my thoughts on positive, abundant experiences. And this morning upon waking up, the first thing I focused my thoughts on (don’t let anything else get in between!) was abundance again, overflowing abundance in every area of my life. I continued with my morning practice (finally started again after weeks of intending to do so) and then started my day as normal, only I realised very quick that my experience wasn’t as normal. I noticed so much more things to be grateful for, I felt so much more gratitude for all that I have…

I became aware how good it feels to start my day like this, how happy I am that the sun is shining. I realised how grateful I am to be in Ibiza, to have my balcony door wide open while it is February and how much I enjoy the fresh air that comes in. I smiled because there wasn’t anything I needed to be doing, no rush, no need to worry about anything, I could just be fully present in the moment. I felt how much I’ve changed, how different my life is from the life I used to live in Holland and how grateful I am for all of this. I felt the connection with my Guides and Angels and how happy I am that I can now consciously work with them and share this with others.

I switched on my phone and got to listen to some messages of my boyfriend, which made me even happier! I am so grateful for our connection, for everything that we can share, for how he treats me and how he makes me feel. I feel loved in a way that I never experienced before and I’m not afraid to love him as much as I do, as it feels right. I am so grateful for everything I learn from him and how he gives me space to grow and evolve with and next to him. I’m grateful that something that once seemed like a dream has come true and is even better than I could have ever imagined.

I went downstairs to have breakfast and felt such gratitude for all that I could choose from and for the vibrant colors of the fruit I decided to eat. The taste of fresh fruit with the sun on my skin, the amazing view… I can continue for ages. It’s all just so wonderful – and this is my life! This is the life I created for myself, by keep following my heart, my guidance, my intuition. By keep believing, trusting, surrendering, even in times when nothing seemed to work out, when I felt I lost everything that was important to me and I felt it wasn’t worth it any longer. I kept going, hoping, trying to believe, to have faith and then always something beautiful would happen.

I realise more and more that choosing your vibration really attracts that what you want into your life. It’s not just words anymore, it’s not a believe, it’s reality. The life I’m living is the proof of the Law of Attraction, of “Ask and it is given”, of “Follow your heart/bliss”. We can “have it all” – we just have to choose it.

Choose your vibration, choose your mindset and you will receive! Life is beautiful!

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