Returning to Avalon

A journey of remembering, healing, activation & initiation.
Come & experience the magic of Avalon by visiting Glastonbury & Avebury (UK). If you’ve never been to these places, I invite you to join me. Both places are amazing!!
Glastonbury is a wonderful little town with many spiritual highlights, as well as some great Harry-Potter-lookalike shops. Avebury has a massive stone circle, it might be less known than Stonehenge, but it is much bigger and you can actually walk in between and touch the stones. Avalon was the name of this area in the old days, where many of us have been before! Returning to Avalon is a very special experience.

✨Friday 16th August✨ We start on Friday evening 19.00h at a beautiful location with a session to connect with each other and the sacred land of what used to be known as Avalon.

✨Saturday 17th August✨ The next morning we have an early rise to walk up to Glastonbury Tor to have a Cacao Ceremony there at sunrise, with stunning views in all directions. After the Ceremony you have some hours off to enjoy a lovely breakfast/brunch in the charming town of Glastonbury.
We meet again at 11.30h to visit Glastonbury Abbey where we’ll have a guided tour as well as an outside session together. Where needed there’s some time for 1-on-1 support/guidance.
In the evening you’re free.

✨Sunday 18th August We start the day together again for a morning meditation and healing session. After that you have some time free to go for lunch.
At 13.00h we will visit the beautiful gardens of Chalice Well where you have time to explore the healing pool, sit at the sacred Well and enjoy this peaceful, wonderful place. Where needed there’s some time for 1-on-1 support/guidance.
At 15.30h we go to the White Spring for a swim in the healing waters and drink of the Red Spring.
We close our time in Glastonbury by watching the sunset at the Tor.

✨Monday 19th August✨ In the morning you have time for your last shoppings in Glastonbury, before we are picked up to go to Avebury. Upon arrival there’s time to check in to your hotel and go for lunch.
At 15.00h we meet at the stones for a group session, after which you have some time to walk around by yourself.

✨Tuesday 20th August✨ We close our time together with a ceremony at sunrise (with the energy of the full moon from the night before) at the stone circle, to give thanks to the land of Avalon and receive our last guidance and blessings. From 11.00h you’re free to do whatever you choose! You can hang out with the stones a little longer, or make your way back/travel onwards.
The itinerary might change slightly, being adjusted to what is needed in the moment! Come with a flexible mindset :)

Price for the 5 days of guidance, healing, meditations, channeling, Cacao Ceremony, activations & initiations, entrance fees and transport from Glastonbury to Avebury is €750.

You need to organize your own overnight stays (see below) and transport to Glastonbury and from Avebury.

Food is not included. There are many lovely restaurants in Glastonbury in different price ranges, as well as supermarkets with a wide variety of healthy foods.

Overnight stays
You need to book your overnight stays for yourself for:
✨16, 17, 18th August in Glastonbury,
✨19th August in Avebury.

Talk to me!
If you’re ready to book, message me at +346 4778 4161 to arrange. If you like to discuss if this is the right trip for you, book a free Exploration Call with me!