Akashic Records Reading

💫 Are you looking for insights in the issues in your life?
💫 Do you notice the same patterns keep coming up for you?
💫 Are you curious about learning more about yourself?
💫 Do you need more clarity on your next steps?
💫 Are you ready for growth and expansion?

An Akashic Records Reading will give you all that and more! Both for your personal matters as well as for your business questions.

“WOW! This was incredible powerful and exactly what I needed. With out knowing I needed it. Ankhana has an amazing gift to channel and to activate you in a very deep level. Thank you so much for empowering me in so many levels and creating a deep clarity of my purpose and gifts. Highly recommended to check this beautiful woman out!” – Simone Alyssa Wiewel

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You have the choice to book a 30 minute session (15-20 minute reading about 1 topic) or 60 minute session (45-50 minute reading about up to 3 topics) for 3 different prices – 30 minutes: €44 / €55 / €66 or 60 minutes: €99 / €111 / €122.

What are the Askashic Records?
The Akashic Records can be seen as a Universal library where the ‘Book of Life’ of each Soul is stored. In a reading I open your Akashic Records to receive the information related to your questions or topics, so you get the insights that are needed for you!

“The akasha reading I received from Ankhana has given me so many valuable insights. What I liked about this reading was that the advice was also very practical. It gave me tools to immediately take action from alignment and flow.

I love working with Ankhana. She has a wonderful gift. A session at her home, or via ZOOM, it makes no difference. After every session with her, wonderful things happen. ❤️” – Astrid Joanne Damen

How does it work?
You think about the question(s) or topic(s) you’d like to bring in before we have our session together. At the start of the reading I’ll ask you to share them with me, together with your full name and date of birth. With that information I’ll open your Akashic Records and share the information that wants to come through for you.

“Ankhana! What a being you are! There are many many people offering readings, channellings and other guidance in the spiritual arena, but it’s very rare you meet one as clear, grounded and on point as Ankhana. My recent Akashic Records Reading was genuinely life-changing and exactly the clarity and guidance I needed to hear.

What I love about Ankhana is that she is playful, happy and fun, but there is no bullshit here. She’s straight to the point, she is clear, she is centred and she channels what you need to know.

Ankhana is here to be of service and you can feel the dedication and integrity that fuels what she does. No spiritual wishy washy woowoo, just a damn good channel working from the heart.” – Jamie Turek

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