Welcome! I am Ankhana and I am a healer, channel, coach and teacher, living on the magical island of Ibiza (Spain). I love assisting you in your personal transformation and to help you to ‘Reconnect & Recharge’.

For my upcoming events and courses, check out my calendar.

All of what I offer here is to reconnect with yourself. To turn inwards, to really feel again, to become aware of your inner world and what it’s showing you. To connect to your Higher Self, your intuition, your guidance (and/or your Guides) to get back that sense of purpose, passion and direction in your life.

By assisting you to reconnect with yourself, as well as actively supporting your field by sending energy, I help you to recharge. I assist you in letting go of any energy draining habits or patterns, I help to remove blockages in your energy flow, make sure you’re fully aligned and connected to get your natural self-charging system back on track so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

You can choose out of the following options. Feel free to contact me to discuss what would be the best fit for you!

  • Inner Spark retreat™– a private retreat in Ibiza to Reconnect & Recharge (to) your inner spark, fully personalised to suit all your wishes!
  • Channelling Course – learn to communicate directly with your Higher Self, Guides and/or Spirit team.
  • Transformational Healing – a 1,5 hour in-depth Healing session, which helps to transform any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual complaints.
  • Guided Journeys – you can join my weekly circle in Ibiza or enjoy my guided journeys (meditations, healings, channellings) on my YouTube channel. It’s also possible to book a private meditation (course) with me.

You can read more about me here and in my blog. If you want to stay up-to-date with what I offer, you can follow me on my Telegram channel or sign up for my newsletter. For now I’m still on Facebook and Instagram (@ankhanaibiza), but I’ll be leaving all social media per 1st September. So make sure to sign up for Telegram and/or my newsletter before that!