Welcome! I am Ankhana and I love to help you.

I love to help you to live a life you love. To live from your heart, to do what you love most. To be true to yourself. To live your full potential of the amazing, wonderful, beautiful YOU that you are.

Helping you to rediscover, to reconnect and realign with your deepest desires, your truest feelings, your purest form of being is what makes me happy. To see you light up, to grow, to expand, to shine, to sparkle – that’s my mission!

To help you to get to that radiating, high vibrating, shining version of your Self I offer Transformational Healings and coaching. Or you can come and visit me in Ibiza for a Reconnect & Recharge retreat. I love sharing my experiences of life in my blog and on Facebook and Instagram (@ankhanaibiza).

I offer a free 21 days of mindfulness program that runs frequently and I share meditations on my YouTube channel.

With all of this I hope to help as many people as possible to open up, to break free and to live life from their hearts, filled with love, light and joy!

Love, Ankhana

PS: As I love cooking, I started sharing my vegan recipes as well!

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