Welcome! I am Ankhana and I am your Light Guide

✨ Are you longing for more lightness in your life? 
✨ Do you feel you need to lighten your load
✨ Can you use some support to enlighten yourself

Let me assist you to Light up your Life! 

My offers
To guide you back to your inner Light(ness), I offer the following: 

💫  Akashic Records Reading
Get clear insights and practical advice with the information from your ‘Book of Life’.

💫 Cacao Ceremony
Join the New & Full Moon – Sunrise Cacao Ceremonies, or book Private Cacao Ceremony for just you & your friend(s)!

💫 Channelling Course
Learn to communicate directly with your Higher Self, Guides and/or Spirit team to receive their messages and support. Available in person (in Ibiza) & online! 

💫  Light Retreat Ibiza
Experience yourself in a whole new Light on a tailor made 1-on-1 retreat in Ibiza. 

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