I am Ankhana and I LOVE taking care of people and taking care of things for people. And there are many ways in which I enjoy doing that! I used to think I had to pick one of them, but I came to realise that I can do all of them next to each other, which makes me really happy!!

All of what I offer is to help you to Reconnect & Recharge, so you can be the best version of you. Find out how I can assist you with:

  • Personal Transformation: through meditation, healing, online programs, personalised Ibiza retreats and more,
  • Business Assistance: helping you with setting up your newsletter, social media planning, online appointment planner, VA support and more,
  • Hospitality: working as hostess, waitress or kitchen assistant at your retreat or party,
  • Childcare: taking care of your kid(s) at home or face painting kids at a party.

You can read more about me here. I often share experiences of my life in my blog and on Facebook and Instagram (@ankhanaibiza).