Welcome! I am Ankhana and I am your ABC-guide, guiding you back to Alignment, Balance & Connection. As I believe this is what’s needed to be capable to enjoy life to the fullest! 

Alignment – being ‘aligned’ with your (Higher) self, with that which is right for you, that which turns on your Soul, makes your heart dance and lights up your eyes. 

Balance – being in balance physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually through the right nutrition, by being connected to your feelings, knowing how to deal with stress, having enough energy and in your way (no matter how big or small) make the world a little better. 

Connection – being connected to your physical/personal self as well as your Higher self, to the people surrounding you and to Source/the Universe/God/Love/Unity Consciousness (or what ever name you prefer!). Knowing All is One, everything is connected.  

To do this, I offer the following services. Feel free to contact me to discuss what would be the best fit for you!

  • ABC-retreat – treat yourself to a half-day, full day or multiple day retreat to get back into Alignment, Balance & Connection. 
  • Akashic Record reading – get the answers you’re looking for from your ‘Book of Life’.
  • Cacao Ceremony – a beautiful way to connect deeply into your heart and experience Alignment, Balance & Connection. 
  • Channelling Course – learn to communicate directly with your Higher Self, Guides and/or Spirit team and receive their messages (LAST ONE EVER IN MARCH!).
  • Sharing my story – I’ve chosen to follow my heart in life, not the easiest path, but definitely full of interesting experiences and a lot of wisdom gained from it. 
  • Weekly Meditation Circle – join my Weekly Meditation Circles online for an hour of Alignment, Balance & Connection.

I’m currently updating my website, so not all information is available yet… If you’re interested to know more about something listed above, feel free to reach out via +346 4778 4161. 

For my upcoming events and courses, check out my calendar.

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