Using the 4 elements / 4 directions in ceremony

When you hold a ceremony in nature, you can work with the 4 elements and the 4 directions. There are different ways to do this, but for me the use of the elements and directions feels most logical/natural as in the image I created. Below I’ll share with you each direction with its own element, season, what it represents, its characteristics and connections with nature.

North – earth – winter
Physical body, form, strength
Grounding, supporting, holding. nurturing
Caves, mountains, plains.

East – air – spring
Mind, breath, intellect, music
Breathing, moving, changing, dancing, singing
Sky, wind, clouds, vibrations.

South – fire – summer
Spirit, passion, energy
Burning, clearing, transforming
Sun, stars, lightning, volcanoes.

West – water – autumn
Emotions, intuition, blood
Cleansing, healing, flowing, releasing
Rivers, lakes, oceans, rain.

More to come soon!