Ibiza retreat: Reconnect & Recharge

Are you in need of a break? Are you stressed out from all engagements and commitments? Are you missing the connection to what you’re doing, with who you truly are? Is it high time for some ‘me-time’? Do you want to make a new start, but you don’t know where to start?

Come to ‘Reconnect & Recharge’ on magical Ibiza and gift yourself a new start!

In 5 days you go through a complete transformation. You reconnect once again with your true self, you recharge your internal battery and we’ll create a plan so you can continue on this path in your day-to-day life back home. In these 5 days I’ll help you recognise your patterns, break through them and integrate changes for a better, more connected and more intense way of living.

On your first day we start with a home made healthy dinner, to connect with each other and to find out what you want and need in the coming days together.

The next 3 days we’ll spend 4 hours per day together, in which you’ll receive coaching and Healing, we’ll meditate together and visit some powerful and beautiful places on the island. You’ll receive a private Healing session during these days as well.

Every morning we start together with a healthy homemade breakfast, after which we’ll start with the program for the day. In the afternoon and evening you’re free to do what you want: rest if you need to, explore the island if you feel like it, or enjoy one of the many extra’s you can book for yourself!

On the final day we share our last breakfast and meditation together before saying goodbye. You’ll go home fully connected to yourself and full of energy, with the tools and knowledge how to keep this new state of being with you.

You can book Reconnect & Recharge as a private retreat or as a groupretreat. As a private retreat you can come alone, or together with your partner, friend(s) or relative(s). There’s space for maximum 4 people per retreat.

Private retreat
Reconnect & Recharge costs €1.111 as a 1-on-1 retreat. If you want to come together with your partner or a friend it costs €1.777 for the both of you. If you come with 3 people it costs €2.222, for 4 people it’s €2.555 in total.

Join a group retreat
If you join a group retreat you pay €555 per person, you’ll be sharing your room with 1 other person. Available dates for a group retreat are: 14 – 18 February*, 27 – 31 March, 1 – 5 May, 5 – 9 June*, 3 – 7 July and 7 – 11 August.

* The group retreats in February and June will be given in Dutch, the other retreats will be in English.

This includes:
– 5 days, 4 nights at a beautiful location in the north of Ibiza
– coaching
– Healing
– meditation
– island exploring
– 1 private Transformational Healing
– a healthy homemade dinner on the first night
– delicious healthy breakfasts every morning
– water, tea & coffee
– fresh fruits (from our garden!)
– healthy snacks
– time for yourself
– my love, attention & care for you!

You can upgrade your Reconnect & Recharge retreat according to your wishes! You can book extra nights, extra time spend together, extra meals, massages, (private) yoga classes, reflexology, stand up paddling and much more!

Book now!
Contact me to book your Reconnect & Recharge retreat. We can have a Skype call to talk about what would be the best time and options to suit all your wishes. I am looking forward to welcome you here! Want to get a feel of Ibiza? Have a look at my Facebook or Instagram (both @ankhanaibiza).

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