If you feel like talking to someone, I’m here for you. I’m here to listen to you, without any judgement and without any expectations. To help you to get a deeper understanding and to gain clear insights. And if you want I’ll help you to break through dysfunctioning patterns and start building new ones, that actually support you. I’m here to help you with anything you need to be able to live the life you love!

We can connect on a weekly basis, or on a occasional basis, whatever works best for you. An occasional session is 1 hour and 30 minutes, or you can buy a package of 20 hours, which you can use within 3 months from the day of purchase. The sessions can be done in person, or online through Skype. Between our sessions I’m available to answer your questions through email.

I just want you to know that whatever it is that’s bothering you, you don’t need to do it all by yourself. I’m here for you if you need me!

Curious to find out if my coaching would be something for you? I offer a FREE 20 minute introduction meeting. In this meeting you can connect with me, ask any questions you have and feel into if this is what you need. Afterwards you decide if you want to continue together or not, either way the call is free, no strings attached!

Price for 1,5 hour session: €111. Package of 20 hours: €1444.

You can also come to Ibiza for a personalised Reconnect & Recharge retreat.

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