About me

Hi, I am Ankhana! Lovely to have you here. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I was born in 1984, as the youngest of 3 girls in a loving, warm Dutch family. As a child I was already highly sensitive, but being in surroundings (school) where I felt there was no room for my sensitivity, I hid it as far away as possible. Until at some point I couldn’t hide it anymore, I could no longer shut down my feelings. Bit by bit I’ve learned to open myself up again. To listen to my feelings, to act upon what feels right and it brought me many beautiful things!

One of the things that really helped me to open up was receiving a Reiki session. My first Reiki session was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to be able to give that to others as well. So I got my first and second degree in Reiki and started my own practice. Over the years the sessions became more and more intuitive, my hands started making movements that weren’t part of Reiki, but that I couldn’t really explain. By following a Multi-Dimensional Healing course I learned to give words to what was flowing naturally and also learned extra skills, like the use of sound and channeling. Now I know the more I step out of the way and let things flow through me without thinking or trying to control it, the more special the Healings are!

On my journey of reconnecting to my heart I’ve learned so much, and I love to share all of it with you! No matter if it’s through Healing or coaching, a retreat on Ibiza, through my meditations, my mindfulness program or my blogs, I am happy to help!!


Love & Light, Ankhana

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